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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Transitting Jupiter Conjunct the MC or Sun in Astrology

By mid-October of this year, Jupiter will be around 18 degrees Leo.  If you have the Sun in Leo or Mid-heaven (between 17-23degrees) in Leo, this post will apply to you. 


Jupiter goes retrograde on December 8 and continues to remain in retrograde into the New Year. It goes as far back as 12 degrees Leo into April of 2015 and then goes direct on April 8.   You will feel its influence from October, 2014 to February, 2015 and then again in June and July of 2015.


As Jupiter crosses the exact point of the MC or Sun in your chart, (allow about a 2-3 degree orb of influence) it is often felt as a magnificent period when the culmination of all your efforts seems to come to the forefront.  What you are trying to accomplish in your profession often gets recognition if this point is your MC.  Your life generally feels good and you have relatively good health if it conjuncts your Sun.  You must also take into consideration if there are other mitigating circumstances in your chart such as other transiting planets as well as the overall condition of your natal Jupiter.  Often the placement of your natal Jupiter will also be energized and things work well in this area of life.


Many things in your life during the stated time period have the opportunity to work well for you as you are beginning a new 12 year cycle if Jupiter conjuncts your Sun and it will also take 12 years before it reaches your MC again.  You may perceive life in a much broader perspective with more understanding and revelations that would not normally be apparent to you. 


If Jupiter conjuncts your MC, you can expect more freedom of expression in the working environment and the potential for being successful is highlighted.  You may have more opportunities than previous to this conjunction, as this is a time of expansion.  .


If you are self-employed and Jupiter conjuncts your MC, this could be a good time to plan for expansions within your business.  Just watch for expanding beyond your limits as this period will promote success on a wider scale than it will when this transit has passed.  If you are in search of financial increases and you tend to overspend during this time, then when this transit is over, your financial situation might not be a positive one.


This is often a time of study and in some cases an expansion of consciousness.  Some with this aspect will go back to school and extend their schooling into areas that will increase their earning potential down the road. 


Activities generally broaden and opportunities for travel or meeting people from foreign lands are also possible during this time frame.  Any feelings you might have now concerning your own well-being are much more on target than any former beliefs you may have had.


If Jupiter conjuncts your Sun, this is often a time when these things affect influential male members in your immediate surroundings, especially the Father or your mate. 


Take advantage of this time period and enjoy the rewards for all your hard work and seek to make things better in your life.  Now is the time to make important plans for the future and move gently forward with optimism for new found freedom and potential new beginnings.


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Monday, 29 September 2014

Memories & Visions

It is amazing how the mind has the ability to bring forth visual memories. 


What are the limitations of our mind’s recall? 


Is it possible through meditation to draw upon memories from past incarnations?


Do we have the tools available, and if so, what does it take to utilize them? 


It is believed that we can have access to our past lives especially if we have important questions about matters that may be affecting us in our current incarnation.  If we have recurrent difficulties that require an action on our part to create internal or external changes in our lives, does it not make sense that we have the ability to relinquish these issues through an understanding from the past? 


Do we come into this life with difficulties or trying circumstances that cannot be healed or adjusted to a point that the lessons facilitate growth?  If the burden that we must adjust to is exceptionally large, would the lesson not produce exceptional growth?


It is thought that we come into this life with all of the required tools to conquer any challenges that come our way.  It is important, however, to understand that not all challenges are meant to end.  Sometimes the lesson is to change our way of looking at things.  A change in our perspective also changes the affects of a challenge.  We have what it takes to change anything that we choose to change or alter so that it assists us, instead of placing obstacles in our path.  Some things that seems to come from another source but has been with you from early in life may come from inborn conditions brought on by previous life incarnations or important soul growth.  Karma has its place in our lives and although many think of Karma in terms of what we have to work on in this life, it should also be thought of as gifts that we have brought with us to use to our advantage.


Karma has many avenues of expression and all the ingredients linked to Karma carry with them alternative methods for healing on any level.  They are not ingrained dilemmas that are here to infiltrate our sub-conscious and render us helpless to their influence.  They are ingrained hidden strengths that we can draw upon when required and to be used to our advantage and to build on our character traits that may lie dormant within.  Karma is a tool brought forward to encourage growth on many levels and is a gift we have provided our immediate selves with in order to facilitate inspiration and keep us on our course of enlightenment.


During meditation, use your intuitive perception to being forth the memories of previous lifetimes.  Utilize this information to assist your journey.  Practice will bring success.  Life unfolds at the appropriate moments and always on time and on schedule.


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Friday, 26 September 2014

Purity of Spirit

What does it take to reach the state of purity of spirit--to be whole, complete and needing nothing more? 


What steps need to be taken in order to achieve this state of being? 


How can one achieve this and what constitutes purity?


Most of our readers and friends are on the path to enlightenment.  We will undoubtedly, at points in our journey, come face to face with adverse qualities within self.  Facing these qualities can be a difficult but also a rewarding experience.  We were born perfect spirits, but many of us lose this focus due to challenging conditions and becoming too focused on the material world.  At times, we even lose faith with our journey and with who we truly are.  Self-reflection is not always a pleasant experience, but it is an important exercise.


The true you does not consist of attributes that feel wrong.  Your unwanted traits are not you.  They are only habits that you have allowed to develop.  Unfortunately, most of us accept traits and actions as part of the self and we hold them close as though we own them.  We seldom challenge these habits and we simply give them life through complacency and acceptance.  You choose who and what you are through your belief structures.  We allow events and traits to shape our beliefs of ourselves and our surroundings.


It is actually quite simple to render these qualities obsolete.  Do not identify unwanted characteristics with self.  If they are not part of you, they are not you.  Do not accept them as part of who you truly are.  They only exist because you manifest them into being.  By accepting these qualities, you have inadvertently stagnated your own expansion and stifled the “allowance” of who you truly are.


Your spirit is pure and your spirit is part of the pure essence.  Your spiritual being is the real you and it holds not one undesirable quality.  Meditate on allowing yourself to be who you truly are.  Believe that this is who you have always been without worldly interference--absolutely nothing less.  Rid yourself of those unwanted character traits by acknowledging that they are not part of the true you and they will no longer find solace within your being.


Your essence is perfection.  Allow your essence to guide your journey.  Give yourself permission to be.  Purity of spirit is alive and lives within each of us.......waiting to be released.  Bask in your own true identity.


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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Progressed Sun Conjunct the Natal Ascendant

The Sun, whether it is the natal or progressed Sun, has to do with your vitality, your energy and your ability to recuperate.  It also deals with the ego and governs the success one is able to attain in life and your ambitions.  The Sun is also representative of the Father and other male authority figures prominent in your life.


The progressed Sun moves one degree per year and over a period of a lifetime will not move too far from its original position at birth.  It will make semi-sextile to the natal Sun at 30, semi-square at 45 and sextile at 60 and for those lucky enough to live into their 90’s, they will experience the square at age 90.  The Sun will, however, also make many aspects throughout your lifetime to other planetary placements in the Birth chart, including the Ascendant.  In order for it to reach the Ascendant, the Natal Sun will need to be within 90 degrees of the Ascendant (11th -12th house) to make any connections to this very significant place.


The effects of the Progressed Sun on your Ascendant will cover over a three year period and the middle year is the most significant as this will be when it becomes direct or 0 degrees in separation to this placement.  This conjunction can produce both negative and challenging conditions and can also suggest positive or reinforcing life conditions that will aid you in moving forward in life.  This is partly due to the transits that will make contact to this placement over this period of time as well.


In a positive sense when this conjunction occurs, there are often potential opportunities for advancement in your profession.  At times, people in authorative positions will aid you in achieving your goals and become motivating factors in your surge forward.  In some cases, these opportunities come to the Father.  In a woman’s chart, this is often a time of marriage or engagement and offers opportunities for meeting up with a suitable suitor, especially if the Vertex is involved or Venus and Jupiter. 


The health is usually good when the conjunction has positive aspects from transits affecting it and whatever you are trying to achieve has greater chance of success.


If, however, this conjunction is receiving negative aspects from other planets in transit, especially outer planets, the chances for success are greatly diminished or you will have to work very hard in order to achieve the same level of success that the positive aspects would incur.   Much of what transforms depends on the planet in question transiting the conjunction and its house placement as well as the house placement it has natally.  You can also look to the house it rules in the Natal chart to get more information as to how events may unfold and what areas of life will be involved. 


There may also be difficulties in the health of the individual although you would have to look at the overall condition of the Natal ascendant and Sun as well as any planets in the twelfth house, known as the house of ingrained health issues if poorly aspected.


When the progressed Sun advances towards the Ascendant, you may feel a draw to make changes to your life that would enhance your world.  Some will make changes to their appearance while some become involved in exercise routines that enhance the body.  Paying close attention to your well-being is always recommended and especially so when this conjunction is about to take hold in your life.


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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

True Reality

We live in a world where there is much confusion.  People, from all walks of life, search for their or the universal truths with hopes to find even just a glimmer of that which they seek.  They ponder what lies ahead and question why life operates on the various different levels that it does. 


Many individuals question how a God could allow such atrocities to happen and what possible positive outcome could result from these events.  It is said that the human race is allowed free reign of their personal decisions.  It is truly difficult to understand the “positive” results of horrific events but personally I have to believe that all things have a silver lining.


There are those that believe in yin and yang or polar opposites and that if there is positive in the world there also has to be negative.  There are two sides to every coin and this is what constitutes our reality, or at least our concept of reality. 


Take a moment to reconsider this..........What if only love and all its attributes truly exist and this is the only true reality?  How would our world change under such conditions?  What if all the nations of the world followed the golden rule and only did unto others as they would want others to do unto them?  What a world that would be.


Reality or at least one of our concepts of reality constitutes that for every action there is a reaction.  For every good deed carried out, there is a blessing that awaits the person who lives by these rules. 


What is your truth?  Think in terms of yin and yang--love and hate--peace and war. 


Again, what if the only true reality is only the good in life?  What if everything that is not good is an illusion, but an illusion that we have created, that we have somehow given life?  What if we could see the good that comes out of every action without judgement, without expecting that in return something on the opposite side of the scales would have to fall into place?


True reality exists (even though this statement sounds redundant, it truly is not).  We experience “judgement” daily through our own thought process.  True reality (not our reality) is good, created through love and compassion.  Yes, our personal reality is made up of two sides to that coin of life, but true reality is all that is good.  Therefore, are we not caught up in a false reality of our own making?  This is not to say that one can escape life’s physical restriction and its difficulties, although perhaps on some mental level conceivably we can.


The only truth that actually matters is love generated.  This is the true reality.  The rest of it is a product of man’s interference and has no place in true reality.  It is a blemish that must be conquered and put into its proper place.  Its place, however, does not really exist.  Truth is love and all of its wonders. 


Ponder this for a moment.  Allow your minds to remain open to this concept. 


Seek out truth and our true reality.


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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Sun in Libra

The Sun is now in the sign of Libra and this post applies to those who are born with the Sun in Libra or have a Libra Ascendant.  The difference between having a Sun sign in Libra and having an Ascendant in Libra primarily is that the Sun sign is normally reflective of our inner character while the Ascendant usually depicts our outer personality--the personality we reveal to the world and our first reaction to outside stimuli.


With this placement strong in your Chart, life is a balancing act.  People with this Sun sign always need to find balance in life and particularly within their important relationships.  Because of this need for balance and harmony in their life, some of these individuals are often said to change direction in mid-stream, just to avoid confrontation.  They have an uncanny ability to see both sides of almost any situation and are great at the art of compromise in order to keep things at peace.


They sway from side to side making alterations to keep everyone happy although they are very open to dialogue within their personal relationships and are not afraid to rock the boat when necessary.   Justice is their prime concern and they carefully analyse situations to decide what the best route to take is.  This makes them comfortable in making decisions on behalf of those around them that require guidance.  They see something positive in most circumstances.  These individuals make great mediators.


In partnership, and as mentioned this is a primary focus of their life, they strive for peace and harmony but often have trouble taking responsibility for their actions.  They would rather push the blame on others to avoid taking responsibility for a condition gone astray. 


Libra people are very social and eager to cooperate for the general good of others.  This makes them very approachable and they are usually well liked.  Seeking the middle ground is their prime objective and if the truth is unpleasant, they will find a little white lie to absorb the blunt of what the truth might represent.  In their mind, these little white lies can protect others as well as themselves and it is ok to use this tactic to save face or hurt.


Because of this need for balance and harmony at almost any cost, some Libra individuals have difficulties making a stand.  They are often found sitting on the fence and to some of the more assertive signs in the Zodiac, this character trait is viewed as somewhat weak.  Libra individuals are always looking for the right way to express life or the best way to deal with life when problems could arise.  Harmony is the ultimate condition that they seek and although many have high expectations in life, they are quite willing to let things slide in order to maintain that middle ground that is so appealing to them.


It is no wonder that their symbol is the scales of justice.  Their goal is to bringing equality to all and fairness into all situations, without pondering too heavily on what these inherent traits represent to the world at large.  Balance, harmony and peace are the hallmarks of this justice oriented sign and peace at any cost would be their mantra.


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Monday, 22 September 2014




As a special request to all of our followers and friends, we would appreciate your sharing this message of peace with your friends and acquaintances through whatever means you are comfortable using. 


Our world is going through a phase of reorientation; and due to the magnitude of the changes that are unfolding on our planet, many of our brothers and sisters, both near and far, are meeting challenging situations in their lives.  Their hardships and in many cases horrendous living conditions are unspeakable to say the least. 


We as a group, however, can focus our attention through meditation, prayer or any other forms of focus to help facilitate an offering of peace, compassion and love for those caught up in this plight.  Working together as a group we can send healing energy and love to all the corners of our world.


This focus can have a ripple effect as we bring together our focus and our minds in a joined effort on the weekend beginning on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 THROUGH TO AND INCLUDING SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2014.  If you are so inclined, please concentrate your focus/energy around bedtime for approximately one-half hour, or whatever time you have available, on one or on each of these days.  We can send healing energy, love and compassion to any and all of our earthly extended family members.  If you have someone in particular you would like to send your healing energy to, you could spend the last ten minutes of your allotted time to focus primarily on them.


Please help us to assist our world in its time of need.  We would appreciate it if you could share our intent as there is even more power in numbers.  Help us to work together and make a difference. 




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Saturday, 20 September 2014

What is Your Story?

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Acts of Kindness

Do you carry out acts of kinds as an automatic response or is it necessary for you to purposely push yourself to show kindness to another?  In the end, does it matter if you are driven or if the action is automatic?  The importance is the outcome.


Have you ever sat down and asked yourself what the influence of your random acts of kindness may have been for the individuals they were directed at?........or how many unseen, countless others? 


Many acts of kindness are similar to watching a ripple of water made from a boat on a quiet, calm lake.  The wake from the boat, no matter how small, will continue on its path until it reaches the other side of the lake.  The reaction from a small act of kindness is very similar.  The act does not have to be something enormous to have a rolling impact.  These wonderful, random acts come from the heart and more often than not there is no expectation of anything in return. 


Should we not then live our lives in this fashion?  Should we not offer random acts of kindness--through in whatever form suits you in that moment?


Even though this act may seem insignificant to you, this has little bearing on its impact as it continues across the proverbial lake.  There is no telling where it may end up.  Perhaps all one needs is a smile or a “Have a good day”.  You are planting a seed within that person.  Even the smallest of seeds can mature into a mighty tree. 


There may be someone out there who needs the seeds of your action.  Never rule this out.  It IS so very possible.  Spread the joy of life by living it to the fullest and acknowledging the fact that you have life, each and every day.


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Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Yod or Finger of God in Astrology Part II

This post is a continuation of our post from September 16, 2014.


Continuing with our focus on the Yod, the focal point or planet that receives both inconjuncts is activated through transit especially when stimulated by conjunction or opposition.  When this configuration is stimulated by transit, the transformation will take place.  This transformation often presents the individual with a new way of thinking about matters related to the house where the focal planet is located.  Feelings are activated due to this new way of relating to this area of life (described by the house placement of the focal planet).


The individual will undergo turning points in their life and often confront predicaments or difficult and challenging conditions which are resolved through this change in awareness and perception.  These life changing experiences often produce a new life’s path or destiny, as it somehow seems fated in its nature.


When the individual involved uses these energies appropriately, it can lead to spiritual awareness and an understanding of the workings of the universe.  This may happen very quickly or take longer to absorb depending on the planet making the aspect to this configuration and its energies.  Uranus would alter things considerably and the alteration would happen rather quickly and unexpectedly, while Saturn would slowly unravel these events and it would take some time for the individual to comprehend. 


In most cases, it would take a certain amount of time for the individual to digest what has taken place to understand the extreme manifestation that has taken hold in their lives.


There is often a feeling of new found insights and a flowing of the energy in new directions which increases awareness.  The individual would be more centred on their mission in life than previously.  Often the events leading up to this transformation are very challenging but usually necessary.  If by chance the Natal chart has three or more quintiles linked to this or even if they are not linked, the individual often experiences a surge in the creative forces that may have been lying in dormant conditions waiting to unravel.  Creativity is often a by-product of transit to this configuration and is often linked to the house of the focal planet and area of life it represents.


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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Unlikely Road

As we plan our lives, we must remember that due to life’s unexpected turning points things rarely work out the way we plan.  The best laid plans often go astray because of our lack of knowledge of things to come.  This is not to say that we should not plan for our future, only that we should understand that we have to be flexible enough to adjust and make alterations along the way.


We plan our lives with little understanding of how it will unfold and this is why many of us are caught off guard as situations change.  We somehow believe we have control of our life’s course and to a certain extent we do, but life has a way of taking us where we need to go as opposed to where we think we should go.


We set out preparing and making plans early in life.  We prepare for an education which will promote a vocation that interests us.  Sometimes these plans come to fruition while other times life takes us in a completely different direction.  Needless to say, we have to adjust along the way. 


As we take up our careers or profession, the actual job may be quite different from what we imagined.  Again, if we are flexible and open, we can adjust to these unknown circumstances or qualities to our careers and move forward with a new attitude towards that which we have chosen to do.


Marriage and children can also be quite different from what you had envisioned when planning your life.  If we are rigid in our expectations, we set ourselves up for disappointment.  We must learn to go with the flow of life and accept with arms open whatever life sends our way.  We always have control over our response to what life is offering. 


If we remain open and realize that, in many ways, life will lead us.  We will travel the road we are meant to travel.  Strive for your goals but accept that which you cannot change.  By doing so, your life’s unraveling story will be a much easier experience.  Even when life seems unfair, understanding our purpose allows us to move forward on our intended route. 


We are in control on a mental and subconscious level.  Our higher self knows what is best for our evolutionary progress.  Knowing that we are always continually moving forward allows the acceptance of life’s path much easier.  


Have faith that you are always exactly on track--always on purpose.  There are no wrong turns and no mistakes. 


Adaptability, versatility and faith allow for the evolution of the person, the mind and the soul.  


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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Yod or Finger of God in Astrology

The Yod or Finger of God is an astrological configuration that requires two planets to be in sextile with one another and then both of these planets inconjunct to a third planet.  The orb should be no more than 5 degrees in separation and the tighter the orb the stronger the emphasis is on the focal planet.  The focal planet is the single planet receiving both inconjuncts from each planet in sextile to one another.  For example, if Mars and Venus were in sextile to one another and they both inconjunct the Moon, the focal planet would be the Moon.


The focal planet’s sign placement defines the way in which the energy of this force needs to be corrected or re-experienced.  The energy of the focal planet (in our example the Moon which deals with emotional expression and needs) suggests that there is a need for emotional or mental re-adjustment, as inconjuncts are about adjustments.  The house placement of the focal planet is the area of life which needs to be transformed and this is where the transformation will take place.


The focal planet is a very delicate point because the inconjuncts produce subconscious or hidden tension, which often surfaces as physical or psychological issues until these problems are resolved.  This focal planet describes our calling or mission in life.  It often feels as though our calling with this focal planet is fated as it is something that needs developing.  The negative ramifications must be released and let go of permanently.  In turn, this will make way for the maximum manifestation of this configuration to take place.


The far midpoint of the two planets in sextile is considered an energy point and when activated through transit along with the focal point, the energies are released and an opportunity (which is indicative of the meaning of the sextiles) is manifested. 


Upon releasing the negative energies, one will experience a new way of being and often produces heightened intuitive abilities and mystical experiences.  This is particularly strong when the midpoint between the two sextiles (30 degrees from each planet in sextile) contains a planet.  This is known as a Tetradic Yod.


As the Yod is so in-depth, we will continue our explanation on Thursday, September 18, 2014.


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Monday, 15 September 2014

Living Now

When we were born, we emerged in the moment.  Was there a concept of future or of the past?


Some believe that as we emerge into this physical existence, we were quite aware of our last incarnation and our spiritual connection, as well as the life’s purpose we just entered into.  This ingrained understanding perhaps holds true to living in the moment, as the present moment holds with it all past and possible future potentials.  It is believed that the past, present and future are all here now.  We somehow lose focus of this as we become veiled in our earthly moment and are focused on making plans for future potentialities.


To hold on to the eternal now, we focus on what is happening now.  The moment seems to slow down and we have the ability to experience life’s sometimes quick release of information and events.  We live in that moment, instead of filtering events.  Living in the moment when first put into motion can seem overwhelming for some but when this practice is habit, we can concentrate quite naturally on each event and thought as it is processed.


The moment is not foreign to us, as a part of us always dwells in this eternal now and is quite aware of all the subtleties that are constantly occurring around us.  We subconsciously choose to focus on specifics and hence the passage of time. 


Is time a manmade concept?  If you have a moment, review Einstein’s “Relativity and the Space-time Continuum” theory.  Versions similar to “Cole’s versions” are available.


Our concept of the passage of time adheres to our focus on particular events.  We filter through our life’s events as they unfolding.  We concentrate on certain objectives or areas of life that hold our attention.  As a result, we miss large portions of what takes place around us on a constant basis.


There are instances when we focus in the moment and time and events seem to stagnate or appear to slow down.  One often experiences these time passages during “approaching or near miss accidents” or in moments of enlightenment and pure joy.  Focusing on the “now” also clears the mind as the mind has a tendency to wonder and absorb events and stimuli on a constant basis.  Meditation is a viable technique to enhance the moment and still the mind, allowing the opening to other dimensions which are not common during our everyday routine focus.


If you are so inclined, sit for five minutes with a clock in front of you and become aware of the passage of time and how it slows down.  Close your eyes and meditate on clearing your thoughts for five minutes and watch how time passes. 


Time is an illusion or a concept and its passage depends greatly on the observer and their conscientious focus on that particular moment in the time and events.


Activate your awareness of the moment by practicing these methods.   Gradually lengthen the meditation time and pay close attention to the passage of time and your apparent concept of time.  Again to assist, you can use a timer for this experience.  Begin with small increments of time and gradually increase the span of time.  Take note of its passage.  Ten minutes one day will pass on a completely different scale as ten minutes another day.


Focus in the now.  Attain the moment.  This is where we are meant to live.


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Friday, 12 September 2014

Nature and Its Magnetic Appeal

Next time you have the chance to stroll outdoors and view some of nature’s splendor, pay close attention to your physical and emotional reaction to your surroundings.  We are all a part of this splendid scenery and its influence on us (if we pay attention) has profound effects on us psychologically.


To most of us, natural surroundings are comforting and they sooths us in ways that cannot be experienced elsewhere.  Some find more solace by oceans, lakes or streams, while others find peace and contentment through magnificent and stately views of mountainous regions or grand landscapes.


For those that accept the concept of reincarnation or at least find it conceivable, perhaps our connection to specific areas of nature originates from our past.  Perhaps we have spent many lifetimes within these regions resulting on returning to such surroundings having profound effects on our psyche.  Alternatively, perhaps we grasp the oneness in all that surrounds us and because of this, we just experience comfortable within nature’s borders.


There is certainly something very calming when we are enveloped in nature and we do not have to travel far to bask in its wonders.  Even a little walk in a nearby woods or along a beach has a soothing effect on us. 


Next time you feel pressured because of the day’s events and you are looking for a place to wind down and to put things in their proper perspective, fine union with nature.  By doing so, you will also find union with your pure essence.


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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Extension of the Horoscope

When preparing an Astrology chart and in determining the characteristics behind any given Sun Sign, it is important to understand that there are many variables within the chart that will affect the solar placement.  Although the Sun Sign is reflective of the inner qualities of the individual and the Moon governs our needs expressed through its sign and house position, there are many other influences that can alter the individual’s characteristics.


Many may question why a Pisces individual (Pisces being gentle, peaceful and amiable) acts intrusive, demands to be the one who comes first and in general, displays aggressive behaviour.  These characteristics are quite contrary to a typical Piscean Sun Sign. 


Why is this person so different and why do they display so little of their Sun Sign character traits? 


In this case, perhaps this individual has a strong Aries placement in their chart, with the Ascendant in Aries and the Moon, Mars and Jupiter all in Aries or in the first house.


These strong Arian Characteristics will sway the soft and gentle Pisces demeanor, perhaps to an extreme, unless this individual has learned how to curtail these strong character traits and use them to their advantage. 


It should be understood that everyone has the potential to make any challenging aspect work in their favour.   This is the purpose of difficult aspects in our Natal (birth) chart.  We are not at the mercy of our Birth chart.  We are the orchestrator of our destiny and have all the facilities within our birth chart to activate any aspect and use it to its full potential.


Getting back to why this Pisces Sun individual displays such contrary behavioural tendencies...We must always look deeper within the chart and examine all of the aspects and variances to obtain a complete description of this individual’s personal makeup.  This is what makes each of us unique and one unto ourselves.  One Piscean individual will be different from the next Piscean individual.  Deep down inside, however, those qualities of Pisces are still exist. 


The individual described above can utilize these strong Aries character traits and use these talents to enhance their Pisces nature, perhaps through spreading compassion and spirituality by self-expression or enterprise that aids others in self-realization.  This individual would have a very strong drive and could express the Piscean nature through very viable acts.


There are many avenues of expression and many release valves that unlock potential.  Through our spiritual evolution, we slowly unlock our natal potential.  By going deep into the Astrological chart, you can uncover your true potential and your purpose behind this incarnation.  Astrology provides answers and potential in our life’s pursuit, but WE always make the final decisions.


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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Not Everyone Wants Our Help

It is very admirable when individuals want to be of assistance to others during their time of need.  If you can help someone out of a dismal place and be of assistance to guide them in coming to terms with their problems, you are certainly working from the higher self.  It is amazing how a listening ear or a comforting shoulder can soothe those in distress.  Reassurance and company will go a long way to help.


Beware of those individuals that bask in their own misery.  There are those that truly live the expressions that misery needs company. Some individuals have a need to try to push others out of their contentment and would rather hinder than help. 


We can only assist those that want help.  If you come across someone of this nature, accept your inability to help, send them your blessings and bow out of the situation. 


Do not allow anyone to frustrate you to the point that you allow the positive life force to be drained from you.  Remain strong to yourself and do not walk their path.  You are not meant to walk a road of despondency and gloom. 


Learn when to walk away and when to be supportive.  If assistance is not wanted, walk away without regret.


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