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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Stars Speak

Friday, 28 November 2014

Teachers Open the Doors

There are several learning tools at our disposal.  One of them is our openness to allow others to guide us to information and experiences that assist in our learning.  This is done on many different levels, including through our subconscious connection.  We meet up with many different individuals throughout our lives, and they often impart their own special knowledge in very subtle ways.  These individuals are teachers or guides.  Some are met through meditation and assist us through this connection.

Although these teachers and guides offer to open the door and share their awareness, we must make our own decision on when, how and whether to cross these threshold.  We are never forced to move in uncertain directions throughout life, although there are times in life when this seems this is the case.  Life will present us choices and events and we may feel to be at the mercy of these events.  If this is the case, we are being push in a particular direction to observe and learn the lessons we need at that time.

There are teachers among us.  Some help us simply by being and acting without even having knowledge of what they are sending our way.  Children are a perfect example of teachers providing great inspiration.  They share all that they know and their love without hesitation or compensation.  They simply provide us with nurturing and loving energy.  They do this quite naturally; never thinking of what might come their way because of these actions.  They simply act from the heart.  They are teachers in the highest degree.   Why do some of us lose this gift as we mature?  At what point do some decide to make their love conditional or use it as a bargaining tool?

Each and every one of us are teachers and guides for others along the road of life.  The best teachers are the ones that lead by example.  Ensure that these examples are good ones.

While trying to solve the puzzle of who we are, we need the assistance of those around us, whether this is spiritual in nature or on the physical plain.  Our guides come in many shapes and forms but they are always ready to assist if we are willing to ask for their assistance.

We might not always like the answers we get, as sometimes the truth can be difficult to face; but these exposures to truth can uplift us and make us aware of the tangled webs we create and to shed light on dark corners of our being that we do not like to face.  

Acceptance of assistance can help to open the doorways we need to enter and following advice we receive on many levels can help us take that first step through these doorways.

We do manifest all that we need for this moment in time.  Any information required to make decisions to move forward is revealed on many levels.  We must be open and listen to the advice being provided.  With this information in hand, we can conquer any mountain we decide to climb.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Natal Saturn

Transiting Pluto has been in Capricorn between 11-15 degrees since January 2014 and will remain at these degrees until the fall of 2016.  Those individuals born from January-February of 1960 and again from June-November of the same year, as well as those born from February-July of 1989 and again those born from November 1989 to January 1990 will have their natal Saturn at 11-15 degrees of Capricorn.  This conjunction will apply to these individuals and you will have to check your ephemeris to see if Saturn is in Capricorn at a lessor or higher degree to find reference dates when this post will apply to you.

Saturn in Capricorn is a powerful position and usually provides its recipients with a high degree of business savvy and managerial abilities.  Saturn is truly gifted in this sign and will work well in business related objectives and also provides know-how if one is to rise in the world of business and climbing the corporate ladder.  For further information, check to see which house your natal Saturn resides in and you can determine which area of life this will unfold in.

When transiting Pluto conjuncts Saturn, it is often a time of tension or stress related to the area of life or house that Saturn is found.  Many areas of your life are subject to change and transformation often relating to the end of a current condition and then the beginning of a new one which will be built on a more solid foundation.  It should be understood that whatever needs to be transformed has outlived its purpose and these changes are required.  Any resistance to these challenging conditions is futile as Pluto has a powerful effect.  There will be far less hurdles to overcome if your simply acknowledge Pluto’s influence in your life and make the alterations.

Some will experience transformations from deep within their psyche and will have to come to terms with some challenging conditions found within that truly need transformation or major adjustments.  This can be a bit of a challenge as what you see might not be all that comfortable, but acknowledging the issue can bring about needed change and the start of something new in your life. 

Others will delve deep into psychological problems that stem from their early days that seem to come to the surface during this time, and they will have the opportunity to relive these times and come out the other side having a greater understanding of just how these events affected their lives.  This is the time to make changes and if you find the time too difficult to get through on your own, ask for assistance in confronting these challenging events or conditions.

There may be events or circumstances that are dragged out into the open.  Confronting these things will assist in recognizing your ability to let them go as they have outlived their purpose and may even stand in the way of transformation or regeneration in your life.  This may involve relationships or material concerns and will change the way you express yourself in some way.  Many of the changes that take place are subconscious and deeply imbedded in your personality.  Situations or thoughts will need some revamping and as challenging as this might be, the outcome is worth all of the struggles that might occur.

Stay open to change and transformation and do what must be done.  You will be new in many ways.  You will come out of this transit stronger and more resilient with the ability to face adversity head on with a new found vigor.  This transit is often accompanied with challenges but the benefits far outweigh any hardships that you may go through.  You will just have to hang on tight as the ride might be a little tumultuous.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Life's Flight

As we board a plane to travel to new and exciting destinations, we have full and complete faith in the flight crew.  They are experienced with the instruments of their aircraft, they have flight plans and they are aware of each and every variable possible that may lay ahead.  We sit, we relax and enjoy the flight.

Such is our life’s flight.  Our pure essence, our souls and our guides have our complete flight plans and they see the circumstances and the “whys” that we cannot.  The clouds of material life block our view and our understanding of the complete flight.  Our pilot will take us on the perfect path to our destination.  So often, we try to take over the controls of the plane from those that are experienced but our knowledge and visibility are so restricted we only set ourselves up to experience turbulences that only the experienced crew could anticipate.

Let go of control.  Let those with the experience guide you along your path.  Faith will allow you to enjoy your flight no matter where it is taking you. 

We cannot see the airport we flew out of nor can we see the airport where we will land.  This very moment—the flight--is all that there is right now.  Allow yourself to soar!

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Astrology is Not Limited to Your Sun Sign

As we determine the characteristics indicated by the location of each planet at the moment of your birth, it is important to understand that there are many variables within the Birth chart that will affect you, much more than just your solar placement.  The Sun Sign will be reflective of your inner qualities and the Moon is your governing need expressed through its sign and house position.  There are many other influences, each altering the ingredients of your person.

For example – take a person born under the Sun sign of Pisces.  These individuals are generally gentle, peaceful and amiable, but this individual acts intrusively and demands to be the one who comes first.  In general, this individual displays aggressive behaviour.  This is quite contrary to the characteristics of the Piscean Sun Sign.  Why is this person so different from normal Pisces’ characteristics?  In this case, perhaps this individual has a strong Aries placement in their chart, with the Ascendant in Aries and the Moon, Mars and Jupiter all in Aries or in the first house.

These strong Arian characteristics will dilute the soft and gentle Pisces demeanor, perhaps to an extreme, unless this individual has learned how to curtail these strong Aries character traits and use them to their advantage. 

It should be understood that each and every one of us have the potential, regardless of our birth chart, to make any challenging aspect work in our favour.   This is the point of difficult aspects in our Natal chart.  We are not at the mercy of our Birth chart.  We are the orchestrator of our destiny and have at our disposal all of the tools within our Birth chart to activate any aspect and use it to its full potential.

Getting back to why this Pisces Sun individual displays such contrary behavioural tendencies, we must look deep within the Natal chart and examine all the aspects and placements to decipher and create a complete description of their personal makeup.  This is what makes each of us unique and one onto ourselves.  One Pisces individual will be different from the next Pisces individual because the Sun in Pisces is just a small part of their makeup. 

Deep down inside those qualities of Pisces are still very real with a Pisces Sun individual.  This individual can utilize these strong Arian character traits and use these talents to enhance their Piscean nature; perhaps through spreading compassion and spirituality by self-expression or enterprise that aids others in self-realization.  This individual would have a very strong drive and could express the Piscean nature through viable acts.

There are many avenues of expression indicated in our Natal charts.  Each planet, aspect, house, point is indicative of the tools we have available to unlock our natal potential. 

By going deep into the Astrological chart, you can uncover your true potential and your purpose behind this incarnation.  Astrology provides us with insight into and tools and meaning for our life’s pursuit, but WE always make the decisions. 

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”...... People, like horses, will only do what they have a mind to do.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Upon Reflection

As we continue our quest and revitalize our being through transformation, we will need to take time to reflect and pay heed to where we have come from and also where we are heading.  Many on this pursuit forget to take a quick glance back and often feel that they are not making progress.  Taking the time to think back on where you were even one year ago will help you to see the steps you have taken to get to where you are now.  Sometime progress is a very gradual things.  Unless we reflect, the forward motion goes undetected.

One of the lessons in spiritual enlightenment is patience.  In accepting this facet of the journey, we will understand that we only move at the pace we are meant to move at.  There will be times when we feel as though we can easily move ahead and gain greater insight and we will.  There will also be times when we feel as though we are ready to move forward and nothing much seems to happen.  This is largely due to the fact that in reality we are not ready to move forward, at least not at the speed we would like.

Imagine opening the door to perception, to recognizing our guides and to understanding the true nature of reality all at once. We need time to adjust to each new lesson.  True insight cannot be rushed and no stepping stone along the way can be missed.  We each progress at our own pace and our guides know exactly what we need and when we are ready to receive it.

Journal your thoughts and experiences.  Months later review your writings and see what changes have taken place.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

Understand and accept that life is unfolding as it should.  No amount to impatience will activate a miraculously transformation.  Self-reflection and change work as one.  Life will adjust as we manifest.  Making adjustments along the way is often a big part of the journey and we are here to open up that doorway to the subconscious and recognize the person within. 

We have been programmed by this material world to close the spiritual door.  For most of us, this undoubtedly began to unfold as we entered school and throughout life, the door was closed and then locked.  Life’s circumstances, influences from others and belief structures have lead us to where we stand today.  It takes time to allow our inner awareness to use the key that unlocks the door to true awareness.  Most of us share that innate understanding that there is more to life than meets the eye. 

We must pursue our dreams and not become dismayed when life does not unfold as we think it should.  We all move at our own pace but we all are awakening to the truth….to reality and our unfolding potential. 

Open the door to perception by believing and have faith that life is forever unfolding, moment by moment, just as it should.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Testimonial JC, Barrie, ON

The astrology chart you typed up for me is one of the most accurate and most encompassing reflections I've encountered. So much so that I had to ask a family member she had given any information about me prior to you completing the chart. I found it took quite a few read-through's to understand and digest all of the information. I think the overall presentation of the booklet is very impressive. I enjoyed how you are able to write with clarity. I found that the precision of your writings is present amongst concepts that are vague and have blurred lines. It's interesting how you are able to use astrological methods to explain various faucets of life. I was wondering as well as how you are able to write with insight into various personality traits, and if you incorporate knowledge of psychic ability to accomplish this?

I was initially interested in getting an astrology chart done because I have found myself going through an interesting phase in life, and I feel like it is important for me to understand what I'm going through, in order to prepare for the future. This booklet put into words a lot of things I have been unable to explain, and has helped me understand more about myself. Reading this definitely made me more aware of limitations I may set upon myself, and increased my awareness of obvious personality traits that I choose to ignore. I think it helps to read something like this with an open mind and ability to accept oneself despite the reaction to the negative, and know there's always room for improvement.

Thank you for making this astrology chart for me.   I found it very insightful and should prove a useful tool.

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Healthy Skeptic

When standing at a proverbial new threshold with key in hand, you may find that there are times when you question this unlocking.  Our life’s venture is entering a new awakening and the unknown can be frightening and questionable. 

It is healthy to question; however, never close the door; always keep it ajar if only a little.  Closing the door to potential will never allow any further development or understanding to take place.  It is quite acceptable to not blindly adhere to new events or information as they are presented.  Allow time for the seed to germinate, digest the information and then ask, does this event or concept resonate with me?

Questioning is the mind’s interference.  Simply relying on faith to open the door is not a customary step to take for many individuals.  Releasing self from old, passed-on beliefs and opening up to new possibilities allows the seeds of new knowledge to germinate.  A seed cannot germinate in hard packed soil.  Aerate the hardpan and allow the seed the time it needs.  Our belief structures are the hardpan.  They can rob us of growth.  Non-judgement is the tool used to aerate.  Knowledge comes in.  Allow the time required for germination.  If it turns out to be a weed, you can then pull it from your life’s garden.  If it turns out to be an exotic plant, enjoy the fruits of its branches.

Much of the internal interference we experience is generally ego interruption or ego interrogation.  This is the normal function of the ego.  It is in place to protect us, at times.  We understand that the ego fights for dominance.  It fears change and the thought of losing control.  Ego will, therefore, fight to maintain its control and create fear of the unknown.

As we venture through new doorways, we continually uncover deeper facets of our being.  We begin to understand that our fears block new information that is being revealed to us from many different sources. 

The ability to recognizing the ego and the interference it can create can be difficult in the beginning, but the more familiar we become with its personality, the more readily we will recognize the lock doorways it is trying to create.

Once we have put ego in its place and have allowed the seed of knowledge to grow, the door slowly begins to open.  We should throw open the door as though we are children entering an adventure park for the first time.  We can enjoy the excitement of the new knowledge and the venture it will take us on.  We may still question but we begin to acknowledge that there really is something beyond that which we have been taught.  This is where faith begins to awaken and we make our way past the bondage that has held us back for years.  We venture forth unknowing what lies ahead in careful anticipation of locating a part of our being and spiritual makeup that has been locked away until now.
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Thursday, 20 November 2014


The Sun will enter the sign of Sagittarius on the 23rd of November this year.  This post will apply to those individuals born with the Sun or Rising Sign (and to a lesser extent, those with the Sun in the ninth house) in the sign of Sagittarius.  REMEMBER, the Sun (the inner person) and Rising Sign (our face to the world) are just a portion of the representation of the full individual.

Sagittarius is the adventurer, the seeker and the eternal optimist.  Those with strong Sagittarius tendencies are the philosophers of our world.   They have an innate knowledge of religious doctrines or at the very least an inclination and adaptation towards this area of life and the ability to share this knowledge with the world around them.

When life gets tough, you will surely find the typical Sagittarian forever pursuing and spreading an outlook that promises a brighter future.  Sagittarius is the eternal optimist and has good intentions.  They will assist those in need and will promote a positive approach to all of life and every corner that life reaches.  They are forever on the road of “better things just lie ahead”; and although they are often quite content with their life’s direction, they never stop reaching for the top of the mountain.

They are the philosophers of life and are ready to present a different approach to life with an ingrained knowledge that supersedes their education.  Many are on the pursuit of knowledge and will gain much in their advanced schooling.  Even those without formal education will seek to gain knowledge through life’s experiences.  There are many politicians and clergymen who have strong Sagittarius inclinations in their charts, as well as judges, writers and adventurous people who love to travel to foreign lands and learn primitive cultures in order to attain some of the previous knowledge and make that part of their repertoire. 

Many Sagittarius individuals are great lovers of the outdoors, nature walks, camping and exploring.  Sagittarius is the roamer.  Sagittarius individuals are one with nature.  They uncover nature’s secrets and exploring all of its facets.  Let them roam and you open their door to happiness and excitement.  House them indoors and restrict their freedom and you have a stranglehold on the adventurous spirit that needs to be set free.

Most Sagittarius people are well spoken and will provide you with their point of view on many subjects.  They have an inability to keep their mouths shut when wanting to express themselves.  Foot-in-mouth disease found its place within the Sagittarius expression.  They seldom have bad intentions but do speak their minds.  They could contemplate a little bit more before they open up.  This would result in less challenges by others who have their own opinions.

Sagittarians are a kind and caring people, always ready to lend a helping hand both physically and emotionally.  They have the good of everyone in mind.  These individuals challenge us to look outside the box and to find optimism and grandeur when there is little hope of finding it.

Make a Sagittarius your friend and be ready for communication and a life of adventure.  There will seldom be dull moments although they can be subject to deep introspection and times of quiet.  Enjoy your Sagittarius friend as they will always be at your side, ever encouraging you onward and forward in your life’s quest.      

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Healing through Spirit

There are numerous alternative methods for healing, however, many individuals are uncomfortable or doubtful of the value of such practices.  The mainstream population utilize the services of physicians who prescribe drugs that all too often mask symptoms that are messages our bodies are sending us. 

Without question, there are drugs that allow our bodies to function more easily or with less pain and they allow our bodies to cope with disease on a day to day level.  Much of our true healing however occurs on a subconscious level.

Cancer, for example, was not so long ago in most cases a death sentence but modern medicine is and has changed that.  The practice of medicine has come a long way and has certainly saved many lives and prolonged many more. 

We live in an exciting and amazing time with medicine today.  How fortunate we are to experience these breakthroughs and to have the opportunity to add longevity and quality of life if we choose to look after our bodies and care for their needs.

There are also alternate healing methods – as simple as positive thinking, which is known to have profound effects on those with Cancer.  The second simple tool we have at our disposal is controlling the quality and quantity of what we feed our bodies.  Other healing tools available are modalities include Reiki - holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels through energy.  Alternative healing methods such as Reiki have been with us for several thousand years and they still hold a significant place in our world.  It has been said that such practices would never have survived without there being some merit to their healing properties.

As we mature into our life and begin to understand the power of the mind, we learn to channel our energies into more wholesome avenues of expression.  Many have come to terms with the understanding that we create our world through our thought process and belief structures.  How powerful this manifestation actually is will unfold as we continue our path towards attaining this understanding and using it in our lives. 

As we mature spiritually, we learn to focus our attention towards positive affirmations and practice a more deliberate mind focus.  We learn our own personal art and we are unfolding as the healing takes place within us.  As we heal internally we manifest this healing into our outside world.  Positive reinforcement and following some of the more idealistic practices including the wide spread use of meditation has not only opened up channels to the metaphysical and psychic realms, but it spreads into our very being through each step we take in this ongoing process.

It is exciting to think of the future of mankind if we follow these practices available to each of us.  Where will the human race be in one hundred years from now?  What volume of healing will be transmitted via inner channels of expression?  How will medicine be altered by these practices?  What will the future hold for those that practice these healing methods on a regular basis?

Life is an unfolding story, and is ever expanding.  It is continually awakening our consciousness and reminding us of the talents and knowledge we have sleeping within, just waiting to be wakened.  Listen to the little voice within and follow its guidance.  Where will that little voice take you?    

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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


There are times when we simply have to sit down, acknowledge and come to terms with life’s events.  We have a need to try to rationalize these events and ultimately, we must accept all terms and conditions. 

This is not always an easy task, but one that must be faced and carried out.  We have to stand back, digest and accept to the best of our abilities.    Sudden, unexpected events can push us to experience many different emotions.  We deny; we experience anger; we unjustly lay blame believing that these responses might eliminate our sorrow and at the very least ease the burden.  We look for avenues to release the sorrow that blankets our existence.

It is in these times of extreme stress and utter sadness that we find resilience that we never knew existed.   Allowing and then letting go of hurt is a difficult task but one that is achievable.  As devastating as some life event can be, life does still carries on.  Grief can cause us to view our lives as empty but if we take a good look, we are surrounded by so many that truly care.  Embrace the support we receive, but realize that only we can heal our wounds.  We will somehow muster each ounce of energy required to get through the days yet to come and we will foster a resilience and inner fortitude that will carry us forward.

The support we require will come in different levels.  Our inner strength will rise to the surface and we will eventually come out stronger and intact once again.  Stand tall knowing that we have what it takes and we will revamp ourselves as we move through these tumultuous conditions.   We heal with every breath of life we take. 

Be thankful for the different forms of support and caring you receive.  Please know that we are!

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Time to Heal

In light of the passing of our daughter, we will be taking a little break from our posts for the next little while.

We would like to thank the wonderful circle of family and friends for all of their support, love and prayers during this difficult time.

We know in our hearts that the spirit of Leigh is eternal. She is the one that now is truly living. She is undoubtedly rejoicing the freedom from the restraints of human conditioning and her physical vehicle.

Many during her lifetime have learned from her positive attitude, her determination and her adaptability simply through the example she set.

We were blessed to have the moments that we shared with her.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Transiting Pluto in the Seventh House

As with all transits, the Planet has its strongest effects as it enters into the house and passes over the cusp.  Pluto in this position and moving into the seventh house is a very powerful placement as you can well imagine.  Pluto’s energy is subtle at first (unless there are other planets that are natally located on this cusp and Pluto conjuncts them at the same time).  The effects will vary depending on the energy of the planet on the cusp, but remember, Pluto is all about transformation.

In the seventh house, the main influence deals with transformation within close personal relationships, love relationships or business relationships.  Often we experience a crisis or turning point when Pluto moves into these positons and any relationship that is not on solid ground has the potential of coming to an end. 

Any and all relationships will require an adjustment and often there will be long held secrets or issues that have been buried in the past that now surface and will have to be dealt with accordingly.

Some will meet people during this time that come into their life and cause change (usually on a grand scale although subtle in the beginning).  It usually takes time for you to understand the effects of these people, but in general they come into your life to help you to have a closer look at how you are living your life and especially within the framework of your close relationships. 

Some find this period very challenging and will seek professional help.  This is often a good thing to do, but you have to understand that no one does the work for you.  It will still be in your hands and you will have to make the adjustments.  Remember your outer world is a reflection of what is taking place within including personal belief structures and ideologies.  If your world is upside down, you may have to make some changes to your life and your pattern of thinking.

These transformations can also deal with open enemies and business partnerships.  During this time, you will have to have a close look at how things are running in this area of life.  Watch for deceitful behaviour coming from others as you may be on the receiving end or vise-versa you may be the one doing this injustice.  It is suggested, however, that you play within the rules of fair play during this time because Pluto is all about struggle and especially when it comes to power.  Life has a way of rebounding and putting whatever you put out into the world right back in your own hands.  Live life accordingly.

It might be suitable just to live your life under careful scrutiny and make changes to your life as things occur or demand attention. 

Any relationships that makes it through this transformation will come out stronger and on a much more solid foundation when this transit moves past this critical degree.  It should however be pointed out that transformations are always necessary and one should view this period as a chance to learn a valuable lesson about relationships and make changes accordingly.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

The Changing World We Know

Our immediate and extended world is continually going through transformations, some that are very apparent and others that are of a much more subtle nature. 

Paying attention to the subtle nature of our changes can open our minds to the changes that are taking place within the framework of our belief system.  You may be discovering that there are facets of your being which were not apparent previous to this point in time and some of these discoveries may not be all that pleasant.

In order to facilitate transformation into a spiritual transcendent state, we must first recognize and accept those parts of our earthly person which need to be nurturing or releasing.  These issues, behaviours or traits undoubtedly developed over our lifetime and now this awareness has surfaced so that see them for what they are and then makes changes or delete them from our being.  As long as we own these qualities they exist and are part of our makeup.  Letting go of undesirables can be a relatively easy task once we accept that they exist and then foster a belief structure that allows us to transform them into something positive.

This is part of the awakening process and as we deplete their hold (as some take time to relinquish), we bring forth a part of ourselves that may have been hidden to us until now.  We challenge those traits and habits that oppose our ultimate goal – easily dismissing them in some cases altogether and then replace them with qualities often somewhat opposite to the habits or characteristics we have conquered or reduced.

It takes time and honesty.  We cannot eradicate these qualities or habits unless we are totally honest with ourselves and realize that these things that were once hidden to us are actually there and we are ready to liberate ourselves from them. 

Initially upon recognizing these qualities, they seem anything but acceptable.  As we make changes, even in just our attitude, these habits or characteristics begin to soften and break up clearing way for more positive energies and attitudes.

As we open the channels to love and accept ourselves, hurdles that once appeared to be immovable, dissolve before our eyes.  We are here to love, to be happy and enjoy life.  We have the ability to share this with others simply by being.  Do not let the everyday events of life cloud your judgement of yourself and the life that you are living.  Happiness is a choice, not something that can be purchased or found.

You and you alone manifest into being the person you want to be.  There is always work to be done but this work can be enjoyable.  If we take to time to study, we slowly but surely come to an understanding of our spiritual nature and realize that we are spiritual beings housed in a physical body.  This is our true nature and in understanding this, we can unlock our true selves and become acquainted with the one that dwells within.

We in our earthly forms strive to stay connected with our spiritual self, our inner light and with the oneness that we all share. 

Life unfolds exactly as it should, and we cannot hurry this process.  We move along at our own speed and awaken when we are ready.  Be content in knowing that the journey has begun.

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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Testimonial - KM, Barrie

Thank you, Holm Astrology, for my Natal Birth Chart. 

I've gotta say, I'm pretty freaked out by it!  It's me, in a book.  A little unnerving to see yourself written out like that, yet comforting at the same time.  It helps me to trust the process - that if who I am comes from the alignment of the Universe, then I can feel safe in trusting that it will continue to take care of me. It's that simple. You gave me proof. Nothing is random. Not my existence, not even my personality or challenges. Also, I appreciate your method of describing those challenges too--with insight and suggestions to help turn them into workable and improved aspects of who I am. Guidance from above. 

Thank you for interpreting my stars.

KM, Barrie

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Friday, 7 November 2014


We all experience the inner flow of information on a constant basis.  This information can come from many sources. 

There are times that the sources of this information is our busy mind sending reflections of our day’s experience and helping us rationalize events as they are presented to us.  We spend time reflecting on concepts and reviewing our reaction to life’s events as they unfold.  This is our mind transferring information and deciphering diverse interactions from our daily events.

There are times when the information source is our ego’s reflection and delegation of attitude towards this inner dialogue.  Ego can provide us with opinions and judgement on what is taking place.  It can either pushes us forward to fulfill our objectives in life or it can pull us back and cause us to question our objectives.  It can offer potentials for making decisions based on what can help us and provide us with comfort and determination.  Ego can also offer potentials for making decisions which will cause hurdles through either positive or negative exaggeration.

There are many different faces to ego.  Could ego be a reflection of our inner thought patterns? 

Sometimes some of the information processed hinders us and holds us back and these thoughts are related to feelings of insecurity or fear.  These fears often stop us short during opportune moments when we should actually be moving forward.  If we pursue these thoughts of fear and we believe that these feeling are there to protect us, these fears could be standing in the way of our progress. 

Do not hesitate to questions your thoughts.  I have fear.  Where does this fear stem from?  What are the possible outcomes of ignoring this fear?  What are the possible outcomes of running with this fear? 

As we continue to learn the many lessons of self discovery, we also learn how to decipher all the feedback we get internally.  We then can make appropriate moves when fortunate opportunities or chances for growth present themselves.

When we are faced with traumatic events and we seek assistance, this is when our information sources come from our higher self and our spiritual guides.  If we are in danger or making choices that would prove to be against our better judgement, we receive input and somehow, some way our path is altered without any conscious decision on our part.  This is our guides stepping in and assisting us so that we can stay on our path.

Any time you feel a positive push or a helping hand just out of the blue, you can be sure that your guides are acting on your best interests.  They are always available and at a moment’s notice.  They are always there guiding you in the right direction.  Never be afraid to ask for their assistance.

If the information coming in does not sit well with you, does not feel right, does not resonates with the core you, do not identify with it.  Let it go.  Understand that the mind and the ego can create illusions that appear real to the conscious mind but the unconscious mind knows better. 

If you question yourself and your motives then this is probably generated from the minds interaction.  Your guides are easy to spot and just as easy to understand because they always have what is best for you in mind.  There is never a negative response from your guides although there may be times when you might not like what you hear as sometimes the truth is hard to swallow.

The outcome of all events in life should provide you with spiritual insight and an uplifting feeling even in times of stress.  There seems to be gentle guidance that fills you with comfort and positive energy when you are on your true path.  We are not at the mercy of life.  We make our own choices, although sometimes life seems to push us in certain directions.  We have to have faith that our pure essence will always guide and protect us as will our guides.   Open the door to this guidance.  Listen to the quite voice that is constantly speaking to you.  The voice is often very subtle.  Its advice always feels right.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

North Node in the Eighth House

As we are now in the sign of Scorpio, we thought we would explore the less known characteristics of those with their North Node in the eighth house ruled by the sign Scorpio. 

The South Node is always in opposition to the North Node placing this South Node in the second house.  The South Node is where you have come from in a previous incarnation and the traits you have brought with you.  For those that question reincarnation, the South Node would be those innate qualities we have in this life time.  Some of these traits can be used to your benefit and some character traits should be left behind.

With this Eighth/Second house North/South Node placements for example, in a past life, you may have led a life of plenty at least on the material front.  You may have received an inheritance from your parents or did well in the material world.  In that life you may have squandered their hard earned money or perhaps used it in a less than appropriate manner, often forgetting about other people’s needs.  Since the qualities representing by the South Node are second nature and are easy to draw from, you are now meant to let go of some of the material ambitions of this previous life and change your attitude towards others and material ambition. 

The second house is also known as the house of self-worth and if it is poorly aspected in the natal chart, it often indicates problems related to security issues, either through the material realm of things or the image of self.  With the South Node located in the second house, the apparent necessary ingredient now is to help others find their own self-worth and for you to study and discover that which lies beneath the surface.  The metaphysical and spiritual inclinations suggested with the North Node in the eighth house are very apparent although you may not be comfortable with this area of life, as it is somewhat foreign to you.  You are, however, supposed to uncover facets of the inner life and regenerate yourself into your higher being with the help of the spiritual or psychic realms of life.

You may have brought talents with you into this world for business and enterprise, and you will do well in areas related to research work and uncovering the mysteries of life.  Any research work is suitable and areas related to psychology, investigative work, perhaps forensics or undercover work with the police force are all areas of interest or areas that you would excel at in this life.  You should also have a look at the mid-heaven to understand what areas would hold your interest above and beyond what is designated by the North Node positioning.

Pluto is the natural ruler of the eighth house and it deals primarily with the tearing down of old conditions in an effort to rebuild on a much more solid structure.  It is strongly connected to transformations on many levels and you are here to uncover talents dealing with the subconscious and to learn about the metaphysical world.  In so doing, you will assist others with their own private ongoing evolutionary process of awakening.

Guard against any kind of rigidity and learn to listen to others as there are many teachers in the world that can assist you in unlocking your own potential.  You may feel attuned to an inner reliance and should understand that you have to reach out in this world as the North Node is always associated with completely foreign lands and often close loving family members can help you to open up to the information that is awakening your subconscious mind.  Being rigid in belief structure is the main blockage that must be overcome in this life and once you attain this, the door will open.

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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Caught up in a Financial Whirlwind

If you have one quick glance at the cause of most of our stress, you will notice a lot of it stems from our financial system and ideology.  In one way or another, we are all at the mercy of our finances in some way or another.  There are many ways which money can affect our lives both positively and negatively.  Regardless of the financial situation of most people, there always seem to be some problem associated to their financial world.  The rich and the financially poor seem to want to get richer and in many cases, greed flourishes at the expense of others. 

There are those that barely scrape by and then there are those that are rich beyond imagination.  If we were to stop for a moment and truly consider our financial woes, we might want to remind ourselves of true poverty such as that which exists in the third world countries.  There are sufficient resources that could provide the much needed assistance and agricultural help that would help to alleviate the hungry of this world.

Many couples and families squabbles over financial matters.  Many families suffer irreversible breakdowns due to opinions on how money should be dealt with and the amount needed.  The only master in these matters is money itself.  Our financial world is plagued with avarice and the need to control.  This need is disruptive, causes heartache, and more.  It is definitely clear that our financial system does not work. 

How will you allow finances to control you?  How will you allow your financial state of affairs to affect you, your family and the world around you? 

Perhaps it is time we put money in its proper place and stop assigning it the power to dictate our happiness and importance.

Yes, we do live in a material world; but unfortunately, many people believe that what we have and what we own establish our importance and status in life.  For some reason the more we have, the more respect we get from our world at large. 

If money is so significant why is it that when we die we leave it all behind?  Perhaps it is time that society as a whole learned to share and spread the wealth.  Start with those individuals close to your heart and make sure that they do not go without.  Then, spread it out into the world as even small financial assistance can add up if we are all giving accordingly.  Give a person a fish and they will eat today; teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime.

We do need to look after ourselves and our families, but there is usually always a little left over.  Why is it that the food banks are always short, and what can we do to change this? 

Together we can make this world a better place for everyone and in our own small way we can start that ripple effect.  We have to work together and think in terms of what we can do for others, and not what others can do for ourselves.  We have to give to receive and what we do receive back in many ways is immeasurable.

Be thankful for your life and spread that thankfulness to those that share this life with you.  Remember we all walk this road of life together and at some point in time we will realize our obligation to the fellow members of this world.

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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fixed Modalities in Astrology

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are the signs associated with the fixed modality.  Earlier posts can also be read on this blog –   Look at your Astrology chart to determine if you are emphasizing the fixed modality in your birth chart or if you are weak in this modality, simply by determining how many planets and important points (ascendant, midheaven) you have in your natal chart that are represented by this modality.  You count the Sun and the Moon as two points each and the MC and Ascendant as 1 1/2 counts.  The rest of the planets will count as one point.  If you have seven or more contacts, you are considered to have an emphasis.  If you have less than two, you are considered to be weak in this modality.  There are other influences that will adjust this somewhat such as having many planets in the second, fifth, eighth and eleventh houses.  This will enhance the strength of this modality and will weakness or soften the challenges somewhat.

Those with an emphasis in their birth chart will be very determined individuals, who are strong-willed and are unlikely to give up on their pursuits.  They can be quite stubborn and often have difficulty listening to advice from others.  They certainly seem to have a purpose which they will pursue relentlessly even in the face of adversity.  They are often inflexible in their attitudes and you will have to prove your point as they often have such a strong belief structure that they can manage almost any situation without other’s approval or insight. 

These individuals truly believe in themselves and this can work for them.  It can also work against them as you can well imagine.  Many of these individuals especially those with a lot of Scorpio in their charts come across as quite powerful and usually well focused on their goals.  They will achieve their objectives once they make up their mind as to which route to take.

Those that are lacking in this modality often seem to have a very difficult time completing what they begin, similar to an unfocused Gemini.  Because of this inability, they may realize this deficiency and push very hard in order to get some satisfaction out of their efforts, often taking on more than they can actually handle.  They will have to work exceptionally hard to complete or conquer the assignment or objective.  They are not well developed when it comes to focus and need to find stability in their life.  Many are aware of this shortfall and they will test their will-power and push themselves to the limit to conquer this apparent lack.    Some become obsessive with details and organization and are determined to finish what they set out to do, unlike an underdeveloped Gemini as they would just as well leave any project as soon as something new comes along that holds their interest.

Locating your strengths and vulnerabilities through shortages or emphases will be found within the modalities in your birth chart.  These can help to define your character and what it is you should be working on or in contrast where your strengths lie.  This is but one of the many facets in an Astrology chart that helps define you as an individual and shows your unique qualities.

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Monday, 3 November 2014

Unbounded Potential

Do you find yourself somehow always falling short of your expectations and there appear to be very few potential opportunities?  Are you caught in the crosswinds of change?  Does your life seem fated and predestined? 

Could these feelings of “lacking” or “missing” result from your approach to or attitude towards life?

Perhaps you can review all potential opportunities that lie ahead.  Do not limit your outlook by what you see today.  Understand that life continually offers crossroads.

When we feel that we are under assault and our options are few, more often than not these are the most opportune moment to discover our hidden strength.  We can learn much about ourselves at these times.  We cannot view these moments as times of weakness or think of ourselves as caught up in life’s turmoil conditions.  We are just at a crossroad.  Life is building momentum to enter a new phase and with this new phase, we will be offered broader horizons.  How we deal with these opportunities or approach these opportunities is our choice.  We have to choose to take that first step towards freedom from restrictions.  We just need to have a little faith and strength to move forward into our most precious objectives.

Believing in opportunities and knowing that they are in place so that we can grow and move forward is often something that we have to work on.  Without challenges, we stagnate.  We do not examine ourselves and our traits.  Without examination, we will never understand ourselves.  Limited perceptions or confined points of view stagnate our progress.  Out-dated belief structures limit our advancement and only we can free ourselves of these ideologies and concepts.  

Change is always guaranteed in life and we must change to grow. We are our own life’s directors and we control our advancements or our stagnations.  These choices have always been in our hands and always will be.

In reality our opportunities and creative talents are boundless.  There is no limit to our potential; however, we hold the key to unlock the next door. 

There is no need to feel alone, unaided or deserted.  There are countless individuals ready to help us with our objectives in life.  Some are physical and some are spiritual, but they are always at our disposal and will often come into focus when we need them most.  They are our eternal companions and we are never alone or apart from them.  They always have our best interests at heart; however their assistance comes in many forms.  The answers to our next lesson may not be the one that we expect or want.  We must not limit our growth by our limited focus. 

Their willingness to be of assistance and guidance is never short and their patience is infinite. We can always count on their assistance but we alone make the required moves to facilitate forward action in our lives.  

We can spend our whole life fighting transformation and being caught between expectations and reality. We may believe that life should be offering one things and due to our expectations, we have failed to see the resolution that has been waiting right in front of us. 

Our lives rest in our hands and we can open that door to a fuller and happier existence but we have to believe in ourselves and know that good things are just around the next bend. 

You set your own limits through your ideas of how you “think” life should be.  Inner peace is an attitude and it is always within your grasp.

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