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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Life and Love

We are one, co-existing within the framework of our consciousness, always reaching to connect with our pure essence.  Our sacred and sanctified unity with our source is also a connection with all that is.  We are to live in harmony with all of life.

We build on this unity as we mature into ourselves reaching ever further into our most intimate being.  We are a spiritual connection dwelling momentarily in an earthly vehicle.  We are not our bodies.  We are not our thoughts.  We are eternal beings.  We explore to learn of our essence.  We join forces to help coordinate a universal movement of pure love.

Our essence resonates on an internal level but reveals itself through an ongoing process to those that are ready to experience it existence.  Remaining open to this eventual awakening, releases our bondage to material concerns.  It is within our grasp to realize our true objective and help facilitate the ongoing awakening taking hold in our world.  We are the facilitators of peace.

We are to open our hearts and to resonate the love that is our core and in so doing, we awaken the same in others.  We are not segregated or separate from each other.  We all share this life together regardless of distance and we are molding a future for the next generation.
We are the facilitators and the manufactures of peace and love, regardless of our earth’s condition and what we experience through media and other external influences.  It is not hopeless unless you allow this expression to exist.  These are the early days of the evolution.  You are the pioneer.

Our purpose in this life is to keep the process moving forward regardless of obstruction and challenges that lie before us.  We must push forward in the face of adversity regardless of the current conditions that are thrown our way.  Live by example and be the light for others.  Find your true essence simply by living within its framework. 

You are the light.  You are joined through your light with others.  This is your essence and your purpose.  Live it; be it and above all else, believe!

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Midheaven in Astrology

The midheaven also known as the cusp of the tenth house is a very sensitive area in the natal chart.  Any planet in transit (the movement of planets through the zodiac) particularly outer planets, (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) or inner planets that are in retrograde motion (appear to be moving backwards) that conjunct, square or are in opposition to this point have powerful influences in our lives.

In many cases Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will remain in this critical degree for a year or two having a significant influence on our occupation, our standard of living, our goals, aspirations and our status in life. 

Uranus often produces unexpected, sudden events when it makes a significant aspect to this critical degree.  Neptune tends to cloud these areas of life making things unclear or it can add a mystical approach, while Saturn tends to create challenges, obstacles or lessons that need to be overcome.  We are tested in these areas.  Pluto transforms and may cause disruptions although much of what happens is beneath the surface until it makes a direct contact to this degree.

The trine of these planets to the Midheaven or also known as the MC often provides opportunities and good luck with an easy flow into these areas of life, depending on what other aspects within the chart.  The opposite house (4th) is often also affected, as when these aspects are making contact to the MC, they are also making an aspect to the fourth house cusp.  The fourth house deals with the home and family particularly the mother while the tenth house usually identifies the father.  The tenth house usually identifies the most dominant parent while the fourth house is usually the more submissive and protective parent.  A conjunction to the tenth house will also present an opposition to the fourth house cusp and oppositions usually deals with something related to or coming from someone else.

The MC, the Ascendant, the Sun, the Moon and the progressed Moon are often used to rectify a birth time, especially when Uranus and Mars conjunct the MC.  Uranus and Mars often indicate something happening on the exact day when it becomes direct especially in conjunction.  The progressed Moon moves one degree a month also assisting with pinpointing a birth time.  Uranus really seems to disrupt activity related to the specific house cusp.  The only guaranteed is something unexpected and sudden will occur with Uranus making contact which often causing disruption into that area of life.

Be ready for change, disruption, transformation and activity when the MC becomes activated through transit or progression.  Although the changes that take place may be disruptive, agitating and sometimes chaotic in their nature, in most cases, these changes are a requirement.  It is best not to put up too much of a struggle, especially when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are making contact to this area of life.  In a year or so after the contact, you will realize that the transformations to your life and disruptions were beneficial to your overall evolution and were requirements brought on to enforce growth on a subconscious and soul level.

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Monday, 29 December 2014

New Relationships

For those that are in a significant, special or any relationship for that matter, it is important to share and express your feelings, opinions and experiences.  By opening the door to your intimate feelings and thoughts, you allow the transformation required to transcend the relationship to the next level. 

Many of us have experienced tumultuous relationships where sharing information of our inner self might not have been beneficial and because of these past experiences, we may now feel that in sharing personal feels much of the same that was previously experienced will occur again. 

In order to activate the bonding in a new relationship however, it is important, even though we may feel uncomfortable or worried that we may get hurt or used in some way again, that we share our inner self in order that our relationships not stagnate and eventually disintegrate because of this fear.  We have to realize that conditions from a past relationship no longer hold true for our new ones.  These new relationships undoubtedly will offer a new definition of what a meaningful relationship should look like.

Fear is often an offshoot of past experience and we learn through our mistakes as we move along in life, but we have to allow ourselves to open up again in order to move forward within important relationships.  This new relationship may provide us with something that we have never experienced before and moving to the next level is often what is required in order to go deeper into this new union.

This is something new and may not reflect anything of the past in any way.  It may actually provide us with a comfort level that we have never experienced before.  We must let ourselves go a little.  Weigh out all the facts and move forward with the objective of creating a loving experience shared by two souls.  We are not thrown together by chance.  Everyone we meet that becomes significant has a purpose and we have chosen beforehand to come together to grow and merge our individualities into a more full, single entity so to speak.

It can be difficult and sometimes frightening to move forward and open ourselves up to the unearthing of the secrets that are buried within.  When the time is right and we have had time to look deep into our prospective mates and our instinct and gut draws us to this individual, take the chance.  We might be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. 

If we never take chances in life, we will simply live our sheltered lives with regrets.  We can never grow without stepping forward out of our comfort zones.  We must always listen to our gut and that quite voice within.  Yes, there is always a risk in each thing that we do in life, but there is also an opportunity that life will move forward in a new and wonderful direction and it will hold rewards beyond our present imagination.  The choice is ours.

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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Your Personal Evolution

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Friday, 26 December 2014

Transiting Uranus Conjunct the Ascendant in Astrology

If you have an Aries Ascendant sign around 12-15 degrees, transiting Uranus has been stirring up life matters for at least one year. Transiting Uranus has a powerful effect on us and its energies often are felt as far away as 5 degrees approaching our Ascendant and continues to have an influence as much as 2-3 degrees separating.   Normally when it reaches our ascendant within a few minutes approaching (60 minutes in one degree of orb) there is often something that happens in our lives that correlates with the action and intent of Uranus.  When trying to decipher a rectified birth time, Uranus along with transiting Mars as well as the Sun and the progressed Moon will help to further identify the actual birth time.  If Mars is also making an aspect which corresponds with Uranus, it is especially powerful and often an incident will occur.  Look within your birth chart to see where Uranus is located by sign and house as well as its overall condition by aspects to other planets to get a clearer picture as to what might be involved.

Uranus is known as the awakener and its influence often presents us with new and different approaches that seem to infiltrate our very existence.  Uranus calls for objective viewing of our life’s circumstances particularly our relationships when it is connected to the ascendant and demands that we analyse these conditions.  If these relationships no longer serve an evolutionary purpose, Uranus often pushes us in directions that could terminate these relationships.  If the relationship is strong, it will go through a time of awakening.  Both parties will usually have to make changes and alterations to not only themselves but will also have to help to facilitate this change with their mate.  If we choose to follow this format, then the relationship although altered, will come out on the other side stronger and new in some way and able to withstand life’s lessons with more vigor.

Uranus is often found to activate conditions in life when there is a need for change or a want to break free.  Its actions are often out of our control and any resistance to the required change often results in action from outside forces in a more vigorous manner.  This is not to say that we should fear Uranus when it activates particular areas of our chart, only that we should be ready for the unexpected and that change is apparent.

Anything in life that has gone stale or offers little in the line of growth will come under scrutiny during this period.  Pay particular attention to the house placement of Uranus in your natal chart as this is an area that will undoubtedly be affected. 

Once Uranus moves beyond contact of your Ascendant degree (in this case it finally goes direct and remains so from December 21, of 2014 (12degrees 34minutes Aries) until July 26, 2015, when it goes into retrograde motion at 20 degree 30 minutes Aries).  It goes as low as 16 degree 33 minutes into Aries and those that have a lesser degree Ascendant will not be overly affected by its return, unless there are other connections within the birth chart that are somehow linked to the Ascendant at this degree.

Be ready for a change in your life which will affect many areas of life.  As you have been feeling its effects, you are somewhat prepared for this to occur, but when it happens it will happen out of the blue, without any warning.  Be prepared for the unexpected. 

It should be pointed out that Uranus provides change that is very constructive and although this period may have several upheavals and unexpected incidents, the outcome will be well-worth the wait.  Allow at least 3-6degrees past the Ascendant degree to fully comprehend what has taken place and take in the energy with arms wide open as exciting times are at hand.  Change should be welcomed as this is the timing set up by the soul to move forward in a new direction and is directly linked to your evolution.

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

We Wish You Peace, Love Happiness and Light

We wish you peace; that peace that comes as a result of absolute faith in all that is and all that will be.

We wish you love—unconditional and pure--true love that rejoices in truth, in others and in self. 

We wish you happiness; that undeniable happiness that comes from inner contentment, inner well being and gratitude; that happiness that radiates for all to see; that happiness that is contagious to every individual you come in contact with.

We wish you light; that light where darkness cannot live; that light that creates everything into being; that light that heals; that light that connects us to our true essence.

From Holm Astrology, Peter and Angela - Merry Christmas; Happy Hanukkah; Joyous Kwanzaa; Blessed Solstice; the Very Best of Every Day!

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The True Meaning of Giving

This special message, although focused around the Christmas Holidays, can have meaning in our lives at any given time.  The holidays are a special time for most but can be a difficult time for others. 

Our message is one of love and the sharing of love amongst all of our brothers and sisters.  Family and close friends are often part of our holiday celebrations.  For many families, distant relatives make an effort to make that special trip to be together and share in the festivities.

It is delightful to watch the special effects that this time of year has on the little ones--their delight in opening their gifts and the pure excitement that radiates around them.  The holidays do hold a special place in our hearts and the experiences of togetherness and giving are lasting. 

There seems to be a new trend where even in the rich nations the expenditures linked to the holidays are burdensome.  If you find this is true in your case, perhaps we need to have a closer look at the real meaning behind this special time of the year.  At its root this holiday signifies the birth of Jesus Crist and this is important for those that are of the Christian faith.  For others, it is a time of family and sharing.  Regardless of what Christmas means to you, it is important to know that the gift is what is important, not its size or its value.  It is the gift itself. 


Let us clarify......the best gift anyone one can give is their time, their focus, their self.  Put away the cell phones and give those that are dear to you, give to those that are lonely, give to those that are alone the gift of your undivided attention.  Gift and share your self, your compassion, your love!

A perfect gift would be to open your doors to those that are living under less fortunate conditions.  There are many that are alone and suffer from depression during the holiday season.  By opening your doors to these individuals, you can light a spark of hope and ensure that they know someone cares.

The homeless, those struggling to have a home, those that are institutionalized and so many others deserve our attention.  Whatever we can do to alleviate some of their hardships is the greatest gifts we can give.  Have compassion for those in need, whatever their need may be because when the end of this earthly road has been reached, these individuals are no different than we are.  They are pure essence just as you and I.  Yes, it was their choice to learn and experience this lifetime through hardship or shortage or loneliness but they are also here to help us learn our lessons of compassion, giving, caring, loving. 

This is a special opportunity for us to open up our hearts and share.  Could our experiences during these exceptional holiday moments help us to learn the lessons of giving and compassion to the extent that we will live these virtues throughout each and every day of the year? 

Is it our purpose to help those around us? 

We help in so many different ways.  Do not allow this opportunity to shed light and to share love pass us by. 

Enjoy the holidays to their fullest by find a place in your heart that resonates with the true meaning of giving.

Merry Christmas; Happy Hanukkah; Joyous Kwanzaa; Blessed Solstice; the Very Best of Every Day!

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Sun Sign Personality in Astrology

There are many reasons why our Sun Sign characteristics may not suit us precisely.  The Sun has a powerful influence in our lives and in most cases, we are influences strongly by our Sun Sign’s character traits, particularly our inner self as the Sun defines the innermost you.

Since the Sun has just gone into the sign of Capricorn, we will use Capricorn as our Sun sign focus for our explanation. 

The degree of your Sun in Capricorn affects the character traits you carry.  There are three defined segments of each sign.  These are known as decanates (please see our post on decanates at  for a full description).  Each of the three decanates makes up 10 degrees of the full 30 degrees of a sign.  The first 10 degrees of Capricorn would make you a double Capricorn.  The second 10 degree (10-19) creates Taurus tendencies and the third 10 degrees (20-29) provides you with Virgo tendencies ( the three earth signs).

Your Sun sign is further defined and influenced by the Sun’s house placement.  Each house has its own ruler which influences the planets located within it at the time of your birth.  The first house is ruled by Aries, the second ruled by Taurus and so forth ending with the twelfth house ruled by Pisces.  As mentioned, this will also colour the definition of the Sun in Capricorn.  For example if you have the Sun in Capricorn at 21 degrees and your Sun is located in the fourth house, the characteristics of your Sun sign would encompass Sun in Cancer further defined by Virgo and also characterized by Cancer. 

As you can see, there are many influences that affect our Sun sign and to read your horoscope in your local newspaper or from a general internet site will give you a small cropped portion of a much bigger picture.  If your Sun sign general forecast does not suit you, you have many other variables affecting the inner you.  You Sun sign tendencies whether they are Capricorn or any other Sun Sign will still be deep inner influences, however.

Further definition includes astrological aspects to the Sun, particularly the major aspects including the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition.  These aspects further define the Sun Sign characteristics so that now you not only define your Sun by its sign but also by house, decanates, and the Planets and the angles that they make to the Sun Sign.

You also have to take into consideration the primary points, which are the Ascendant which among other things describes the way we represent ourselves to the world, even our appearance.  The MC or midheaven speaks in part of our goals, our aspirations and our occupation.  These will further define who we are and how we represent ourselves as well as what we might lean towards in our occupation, if the Sun is linked to these positions.

You also have to take into consideration how strong other placements are in the Natal chart.  For example if you have the Sun in Capricorn and have Leo rising (Ascendant Sign) and 5 planets in the fifth house, ruled by Leo, you will be greatly affected by the Leo influence and this will dilute the influence of the Sun in Capricorn.  You would still have the ingrained Capricorn tendencies internally and would project them as well, but on a much softer side.  You would resonate with Leo character traits and present yourself as a much more outgoing and you would shine when you are the centre of attention.  Now these are not Capricorn tendencies.

As you now see, there are several influences that infiltrate our Sun Sign although the characteristics that it represents will still hold true.  Remember this when someone says to you that their Sun Sign doesn’t quite fit yet another Astrological sign suits them better.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Holding on to Your Foundation

There are times in life when the road that we are following has some major potholes that we have to navigate.  We carefully maneuver around these potholes, but there are still those that are too large to avoid.  Moving through these tumultuous conditions of our lives can be extremely difficult, but often unavoidable.  Although these conditions or circumstances that we are forced to acknowledge and move through can be extreme in nature, it should be understood that whatever we confront in life always has a solution and usually this solution is our attitude towards it.  No challenge is beyond our scope or ability to master.  We repeat—no issue is met that we do not have the ability to not only meet and address but to eventually come to terms with.

During these extreme experiences, we often feel at the mercy of life.  Holding on to our foundation or our core beliefs is often challenging.  These challenges or so called bumps in the road, burden us at times to the point of exhaustion.  We can even feel incompetent with keeping up with the task at hand. 

What is a belief or principle if we cannot trust in them during life’s trials? 

Know that you can prevail.  Have faith that your core is built on a solid foundation.  Your true self cannot be shaken regardless of the pressure from outside forces.  You have the ability to get through any condition and resolve any conflict.  Nothing comes your way that you cannot defeat and turn into a “silver lining”.

Stand tall in the face of adversity!  Have faith in your inner strength and be resolute in your stance.  You will overcome.  You will persevere.  The only restriction that stands in your way of accomplishment will be your mindset.  Dig deep for solutions.  Ask for assistance from your guides and the higher forces.  Know that you are never alone and that what you need is always at your disposal.  You are strong and have whatever it takes to get through all conditions, if you believe.  Address all of life with this belief structure. 

This is your life to live.  Live it with vision, understanding and purpose.

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Understand Your Fundamental Nature through Astrology

We can so frequently get caught up in the stories and in the drama that surround us that we lose sight of who we are and the path we are travelling. Move beyond these story and remind yourself of your fundamental essence and nature.

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Gift of Giving

As we venture forth in our life’s journey discovering our lost or forgotten pieces to the puzzle, what will prevail when you take time to reflect?  What will your quest reveal?  How will you manifest your dreams?  What are your significant dreams not only yourself but for the world at large? 

You may ask, “What can I do to make significant changes in this world?”  “I am just one person.”  “How can I as an individual help maneuver our world in such a way that we will all gain from my efforts?”

These are earnest questions and often we will find ourselves asking them as we feel helpless and look for answers. 

Most of us go to great depths to search for clues that will help define our individual purpose.  We hope that some piece of the puzzle that we discover will perhaps shed new light on our purposes and abilities, but we resolve that until then we sit and wait for direction to facilitate this purpose.  Many individuals earnestly think that the transformation has to be grand and take place on a global scale.

It is clear that our world financial system does not work.  The stock markets are volatility and many worry about our finances.  A great number of people live on so very little and struggle to get by and to obtain the bare essentials.  Some are fighting for their lives, but to most of us, this struggle and fight does not seem real.  We live within the comforts of our homes and most of us have the option to eat at least a couple of nutritious meals a day.  It is difficult to comprehend the horrendous state some people live in.  We must be truly grateful and count our blessings on how good we actually have it.

Did you know that the average wage earner in the world is just shy of $18,000/year?  If we take the total income earned in the world and divide this total income by the total number of people in the world, the average income is just under $10,000 per person per year accordingly to a BBC new report.  Compare your annual income to these figures?

We DO live a privileged life, and yes we do experience upheavals from time to time.  Overall, however, we are blessed and very fortunate to live under the conditions that most of us take for granted. 

How can we be of service to those less fortunately than us?  What can we do? 

We can offer assistance through many of the world organizations.  We can help right here and give to our local food banks.  We can share our time with seniors and those who are lonely.  We can share a gentle smile or provide a helping hand to anyone that would benefit from our help. 

You may think to yourself well these are small steps.  These steps may seem that way, but working together these steps can manifest into states of wellness, happiness and thankfulness, and these are all attributes that each and every one of us can benefit from.

The importance of our actions is not based on the material value of what you do.  It is the emotion and survival value that should be of importance.  It matters that we share, care and love throughout each and every day that we are blessed to experience this earthly encounter.  We can all manifest these attributes; they are within our potential. 

We all need a starting point.  Will you start today?  Who knows what ripple affect your giving, your loving concern and/or your compassionate voice will have on someone in need.  Share your blessings and do it from your heart. 

Do not waste this life waiting and looking for your purpose.  Live your life and help to facilitate change.  Begin in your own back yard which will ripple and eventually reach outward touching many in our world. 

Be the change that you would like to see in this world.  Your efforts will be fruitful and in turn, you too will reap the rewards.

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Capricorn in Astrology

On December the 22nd, the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn.  Those with this Sun placement, those with the rising sign in Capricorn and those with a strong emphasis of planets in the tenth house will find that many of the characteristics touched on today will resonate with them. 

The Sun sign is our foundation and reveals itself on many levels, but primarily through the inner self.

Those with a strong emphasis in the sign of Capricorn have a difficult time revealing their emotions.  This is not to say that their emotional makeup is less than any other sign, only that much of what they feel remains contained within and is only released when and if it feels appropriate to do so.  This does not happen frequently.  Their emotions run deep and they feel things on an intense level, but to those around them, they appear to have their emotions in check and offer little of their emotions externally to others.  They are contained and reserved with their emotional expression and prefer it this way, probably due to the intensity of their emotions.

Most Capricorn individuals are professional in their outward expression.  They appear to have their proverbial heads on straight and can generally be relied on to present themselves to the outside world as informed and knowledgeable, particularly in their chosen fields.  Many have strong drive when it comes to achieving their objectives and are willing to work hard to move up the corporate ladder.  They instinctively understand that everything takes time, due to the influence of their planetary ruler, Saturn.  They realize that by using an approach that could be defined as one step at a time, they will gradually make their way in life.  They also understand that this approach leads to less mistakes and they will not miss any steps along the way.  Being well informed and not just appearing to have the knowhow is very important to them.  They want to be relied on to make the proper decisions based on experience and knowledge.

When it comes to love, the seventh house should be taken into account as this describes the potential significant other that they would be attracted to; however, in general these people are looking for a knowledgeable individual, one who can be relied on and is consistent.  They will not do well within a flighty partnership as there is a need for stability as well as commitment within the framework of a structured marriage.  If they find someone with these criteria and also has a great sense of humour, which will inadvertently help them relax a little and enjoy life, they would feel as though they have attracted the perfect partner.

There are often deeply ingrained spiritual or religious ingredients in their personality.  They are religious in their own sense although this does not indicate that they will be attracted to traditional religion although this is possible, because of the nature of Saturn.  Tradition is important as it has been tried, tested and holds some truth to it.  They will not just follow along blindly within cults or religious organizations as they have to understand the religion’s concepts and be comfortable with its teachings.

As a friend, Capricorn individuals are very reliable and usually true to their word.  They rarely miss appointments and are on time and constant.  If they say we will meet at such and such a time, they will be there probably even a little early.  If you are late or are a no-show, it will not sit well with them.

These characteristics will be interlinked with the many other attributes found within the birth chart, but in general, the above characteristics describes the inner personality of most Capricorn individuals.  It is important to remember that we are far more complex than just our Sun signs.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Treating Others as Your Equal

As we proceed on our ongoing life’s quest, we will meet other individuals that walk a different path than the one we walk.  Some individuals are here to completely focus on this material world.  Other individuals have their feet in two different worlds, living within the material confines of life but also living with a different approach quite separate from this material existence.  There are others that have mastered the ability to live seeing through the veil of the material world and walking this earth with as full an understanding of our eternal life as humanly possible.

Some individuals become fixated on everyday drama, some are lost in confusion and some are just searching as they have stifled the concept that their focus and attitude impacts all that surrounds them. 

It is important to live in the moment – the now.  It is important to understand that our reaction to life’s events and our reaction to those that share this existence with us are completely within our control.  Our focus simply magnifies and gives extreme importance to that which we are focused on.

For some individuals, they feel lost.  They suffer mental anguish and confusion.  These individuals have become overwhelmed by what they perceive as life’s drama and their current conditions.  Their focus in life causes them to experience great difficulty in finding their way back to their true selves.  Because of their beliefs, their focus and their fixed mindset, there is no chance of their regaining control without change.  Unfortunately, they drift aimlessly through life oblivious to all that they have to be grateful for.

There are many others individuals with their own stories (too many to mention), however, the ventures of each and every one of us are all joined and weaved together creating the fabric of our consciousness.   We each, individually, walk our own path but together these paths create a highway we traverse together in this moment in time.  Each one of us is an eternal soul living an earthly existence without exceptions.  We are all brothers and sisters regardless of religious beliefs, skin colour or ethnic backgrounds.  We are all part of the whole.

We are all equal.  Each one of us offers a unique talent or gift. Should we not celebrate our similarities and respect our differences?  Release the ego’s need to be segregated and to be superior in some manner. 

We are one—each part of the whole.  Some of us take the direct route; others meander slowly towards our single destination, and then there are others who are standing still waiting for directions as they have lost sight of this destination. 

Allow your inner light to shine and guide those that could use a helping hand through example.  A loving gesture, as simple as a smile or a gentle word, can shed the required light to help these individuals along their path. 

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  Accordingly, everyone’s soul will end up at the same destination, but if you judge others by the different route that they are taking, they will believe that they are alone and if they come upon an obstacle, and they will never expect to reach their destination.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Grand Trine in Astrology

The Grand Trine is a relatively common configuration.  It is divided into elements, Water, Fire, Air and Earth.  The Grand Trine consists of three planets or significant points (Midheaven, Ascendant) all linked together in trine to one another, separated each by 120 degrees.  You can allow an orb of 8 degrees when determining if the trines form part of the Grand Trine configuration.  For example, you have the Sun at 20 degrees Cancer, the Moon at 16 degrees Scorpio and the Ascendant at 23 degrees Pisces.  This would be considered a Grand Water Trine.

The strength of influence is increased the closer these trines are to being direct.  For example, if all these planets and points are within 1-3 degrees in separation, the trine has a stronger influence in the life of the individual concerned.  The weakening of a Grand Trine happens when one of the planets or points is in a different element than the other two, for example the Sun in Cancer, the Moon in Scorpio and the rising sign being in Aries.  These configurations make a triangle in the portrait of the birth time captured at moment of birth but only two are in water signs and the remaining is in fire.

The positive influences of the Grand Trine include free energy flow which in turn assists the individual in gaining benefits.  Inherent good luck seems to follow these individuals, particularly when the Grand Trine is activated through transit or progression.  They seem to have more prospects than most others and attract good fortune and opportunities into their lives easily in areas related to the element the Grand Trine is in.  For example a person with a tight Grand Earth Trine (especially if it connected to the Midheaven or Ascendant and Venus or Jupiter) will have more opportunities to move ahead in their life’s endeavours related to finances, business and occupation.

Grand Trines, however, also have negative connotation to them because the energies flow so well that the individual can lose their push or motivation.  They become lazy or they refuse to take on challenges that enter into their lives.  Some become trapped in self-sufficiency which is also suggested by the Grand Trine, either working for you or against you.  Those individuals that are not using these energies become stuck and often feel as though they are not going anywhere in life.  Some become so self-sufficient, (for example someone with a Grand Water Trine has such a strong emotional foundation that even when confronted with emotional trauma will not reach out for assistance from others) can become overrun with their own emotions and have great difficulty moving beyond any trauma that may appear in life.  Some become closed in the element the Grand Trine is located and become, as Astrologer Noel Tyl refers to, “Closed circuits of self-sufficiency.”

People with Grand Trines are very motivated in the element that the Trine is in, but when confronted with life’s difficulties, they often are not comfortable with these issues and have difficulties with them.  Grand Trines work very well most of the time and when a challenging condition comes their way, they are not used to this type of energy, (unless they have many challenging aspects within their birth chart) and are not sure how to handle this energy accordingly.

When deciphering the Grand Trine within the framework of a natal chart, you will have to take into consideration which element it is in and also the planets and houses affiliated with this energy.  Often one of the Planets in the configuration is linked strongly to another planet in the configuration by aspect, especially by square or opposition that particular planet will be the motivating factor behind this Grand Trine.  This often becomes the pivotal point of expression and can be used as an inspiring point which imitates the source of action to the Grand Trine and the area of life it resonates with.
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Monday, 15 December 2014

Forever Young

Take a close look at the young and innocent people around you.  Pay attention to what they are conveying to you in their eyes and pay particular attention to their reaction to you when you become face to face with them.  Their reactions will define how you reveal your sensitivities in the world around you.  They are mostly untouched by human conditioning and what you see is genuine. 

Their approach to life is found in the moment.  There is no concern for what comes next and the past has no place in their lives other than a lesson learned.  I am speaking of the very young, not newborn but those that are beginning to learn how to focus in the here and now.  When they see you often their reaction is one of joy and love.  There is something very gentle and loving about the way they look at you. 

With most younger children, we get the feeling that there is much wisdom within, as if they are deep souls and have been in touch with something far beyond that of this material world.

They are unscathed and untouched by material world intervention and simply live from one moment to the next with no concern about where they are heading.  They are in total acceptance of the life force that radiates within and around them.  They have complete and total acceptance of life without question. 

Some may call this innocence and naivety, but for a moment imagine how much worry and anxiety would be removed from life if we viewed our lives as a child through complete acceptance.  Imagine letting go of the need to control and having faith that all of our needs will be met.

Under normal circumstances, children believe in their parents.  Most young children hold their parents up on a pedestal, because there is no need for them to analyse life or its events.  They simply see the best and even when they receive discipline, they accept their fate and take life as it comes.  In general they forgive what we might consider injustice for they do not have to judge.  They are open minded, accept and are always ready to learn.  They know that their needs are being met and generally ask for very little accept your unconditional love.

As parents, most of us genuinely try our best to meet their needs and often put their needs ahead of our own.  We also love them unconditionally and always have their best interests in mind. 

How wonderful would be if we had a guardian angel or guide (parent) that looked after us and always had our best interests at heart?  Imagine yourself having this protection, this guidance... a force that is always working on your behalf; always.

Should we not become like children once again and become open to the understanding that life is moving as it should and we are always being guided and protected?  Even in the face of adversity we are following our path and receiving valuable information in the process.  Life does provide some challenges from time to time, but these challenging or limiting conditions do not take away our life.  They are in place to teach us valuable lessons that we can take with us on our road of life.  These lessons are part of our life.

Letting go does not mean that we stop trying or that we are standing still, but it does imply that we are in a place where we will learn the lessons that life offers, regardless of our intent.  We are just as on path now as we were when young.  We are ever changing in our perspectives, but still on path.  Have faith that your life will mold you into the individual that accepts others even without understanding their path, that helps without expecting anything in return, that sets that example for those around you simply by being the example that others need to help them see your reflection within themselves. 

Stay young in your approach to life.  Believe that your needs are being met, that you are on target and that you are safely protected by your higher self and those guides that mimic your concept of a good parent.

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Adjustment Call

There are times in life when the signals get crossed and our judgements can be clouded.  This could pertain to many of life’s issues and even our judgement of others which we unfortunately form from lack of full information or by misinterpreting events. 

I am sure you have heard it said that we should never judge others unless we have walked a mile in their shoes.  Even if we have walked a mile in their shoes, we still should forego the judgement.  We will never be aware of their full life’s circumstances and will never be able to understand their life’s experiences from their point of view.

We can never imagine someone else’s elation or their sorrow.  There are far too many variables for someone else to understand the complexities that have been influencing them over many years.  What kind of experiences have they had in life and how often have they been abused or mistreated?  What are they going through on a regular basis and how does their mind react to these conditions?

Frequently early childhood experiences set the stage for our response to interpersonal relationships and our way of responding to events and people.  Physical and emotional abuse, alcoholism or drug abuse by loved ones leave lasting impressions on developing minds if these events and the emotions they create are not discussed and released. 

Each and every one of us have core reasons for our behavior and even a hard day at work or challenging conditions with the children can influence the way we respond to events throughout our day. 

With this in mind, how can we possibly judge others on their personality traits, their reactions or responses? 

We should take the time to make the effort to study our own personal responses to events.  These are the actions that we have control over and can change if need be.  Our expectations of others are truly unrealistic and simply set us up for disappointment and anguish.  If we cannot control our own responses at times throughout life, how can we place expectations on others?

If you are looking for compassion and understanding from others, set the example without expectation.  Your own reaction to events can either stirs up more of what it is you do not want or it can start a new focus of love and forgiveness.

Our reaction to life events and our interaction with others is a personal choice.  We have the option of making a decision that provides positive outcomes or positive alternatives under any conditions.  The next time we experience ego interference, stop for a moment.  Offer the energy conducive to support, peace and enlightenment towards this individual.  They in turn can use this positive reaction to assist in lifting them out of their place of confusion or frustration. 

If your offering is not utilized and this person allows themselves to continue on their stressful path, do not judge.  Send love their way; turn away and remove yourself from their choices.  Their actions are their choice; your reactions are yours. 

Bring this awareness to the surface and realize your true purpose.

“To love a man enough to help him, you have to forfeit the warm, self-righteous glow that comes from judging.”   ― Ron Hall

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Jupiter Retrograde

Transiting Jupiter went into retrograde motion on December 8, 2014 and stays in retrograde until April, 2015.  It moves as far as 22 degrees into the sign of Leo and then retrogrades back as far as 12 degrees of the same sign.  You can use an orb of 3-4 degrees when determining if it will affect any of your planets or important points in your natal chart.  As it crosses these placements, the energy of Jupiter will increase.

Under normal direct motion conditions, Jupiter is known as the great benefactor, but it is said that when it moves into retrograde motion, these characteristics seem to fade and its normal opportunistic energy will be felt on an inner level while on the outer material side of things, it is less effective.  It is suggested that if you are in the mind set of buying property or big luxury items that you reconsider and wait until Jupiter moves direct again.  Much depends on the natal aspects to your Jupiter, but during this retrograde period, Jupiter is not as lucky as it is under normal conditions.

When a planet moves into retrograde, its influence is felt on an inner level rather than felt through our outer material world.  During this retrograde cycle, you can benefit greatly if you focus on inner growth and awareness.  Get in touch with self.  Objectively viewing self and making alterations along the way would be very beneficial. 

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and is connected to spirituality and the philosophies of life that have meaning.  If you have a look at the house it is transiting through as well as the house it is located in your natal chart, these will be areas of life that you can work on and transform in ways that will suit you better down the road once Jupiter goes direct again.  A time of introspection is highlighted and should be viewed on a positive note, even if what you see or your life’s direction is not what you thought it was.  This is a time when you can review the past and make constructive adjustments to the way you have been living your life, transforming your life’s direction, and putting yourself on route to the most productive road in life.

This transit of Jupiter will be closely connected to the lessons in life that are required at this time.  Make sure that you are honest with yourself and you can truthful examine your current choices.  Honestly gage these choices with an open mind and decide what you want to change and what is worthy of keeping.  These are often aspects of self that need some tweaking.  Once tweaked, these changes will alter your route to put you on a more direct path for your life’s course.   Look inside yourself and rediscover these inner riches.
If you are making plans to enter into a business venture make sure that you take the time to consider all the aspects connected to this decision.  You may find that you will make large expenditures during this time which may not be such a good idea.  It is actually best to wait before making any decisions, unless your natal Jupiter and the planets connected to it in the natal chart are really well aspected.  Check to see what the natal chart is saying and then make your decisions.  This is not to say that every interaction will turn out negatively, but often under this retrograde positioning, there are exaggerations of the potential fortune awaiting your approval.  Just make sure that you are viewing these contacts with clarity and watch for overly expanded optimism.

Once Jupiter has gone back into direct motion and it is making aspects to other planets in your natal chart, you can re-examine your potential and choices.  You will undoubtedly be able to make a clearer decision on the potential outcome of these proposed material ventures.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Recommendations for Living

Live your life with purest of intentions and know that life is always taking you in the right direction.  Follow your heart.  Believe in the existence of pure love and know that it resides on every level. 

Stay true to yourself and love who you are.  Know that you have a purpose and believe you will fulfill it.  Remain calm in the face of adversity and believe that you have the strength to overcome anything that life brings your way.

Have faith in all upcoming life events.  Know that these events will help you foster acceptance and a stronger purpose in your life.  Know that every twist and turn in the road leads to the same destination. 

Live life with the most purest of intentions possible.  Acknowledge “mistakes” (which are only diversions from our direct route) but do not own them.  Learn from these diversions.  Know that you are not perfect but are on the way to perfection. 

Let love guide you and believe in your dreams for dreams do come true.

Always leave room for exploration but understand that you will never know the complete story of life.  Live life to the fullest and know that you can live each and every moment this way.  Enjoy your life as there is nothing wrong with this.  It is part of your inheritance—your entitlement. 

Find the moment and dwell within it.  Return there every moment. 

Pay attention to your life’s experience.  Know that each event is preplanned.  Nothing is by chance.  We learn from these experiences-- each and every one of them.

Know that you are part of a bigger picture and acknowledge that you are part of the living God, our pure essence.  Do not be uncomfortable when using the name “God”.  Know that a higher source does exist. 

Know that your guides and guardians walk this journey with you and that you are never alone.  Know that, if you ask, they are always there to lend a helping hand.

Understand your connection with spirit and know that you are only housed in this body and that you are not this body.  You are spirit living a human existence and will return to spirit when this particular journey is complete.  Take care of the vessel that is on loan to you, as it houses you, the spirit. 

Above all else, love yourself for who you are.  Allow this love to flow and spread outside of self.  Be as willing to receive love as you are ready to spread it.  Know that you deserve to be loved regardless of who you think you are.  If you do not like what you see in yourself, know that it is only there for the moment and you can change it if you decide to do so. 

Know that each day is a new beginning and yesterday is a memory.  Live now and to the fullest.  Enjoy your life.  It is yours to enjoy.  Celebrate every moment whether labelled exciting or sorrowful for each moment is for our greater good and we do not understand the bigger picture.

Take an honest look at yourself and relinquish any facet of that self that you do not emanate with.  Do not identify with anything that you do not feel belongs.  You already know who you are and that individual is the best person you can be, but be true to who you are. 

The true self is not seen by all.  What others think about you is not important.  These are only opinions. 

You were never meant to suffer, but you were meant to live in accept.  The true self lives in that place within that holds love and the promise of love.  When living from this place, we only can know contentment.  Believe!

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Transiting Pluto Conjunct Natal Mars

This transit between Pluto and Mars is potentially a very potent transit.  Before we continue, be sure to check if Pluto and Mars are liked in your chart and also check what other aspects are linked to Pluto and Mars in your natal chart.  This will help determine the transiting effects on your life.  Check to see which house transiting Pluto is located in as well as its natal position.  You should also check which house natal Mars is located in to determine its overall effects as well.

As mentioned, this is a powerful aspect and much depends on these two planetary links in your birth chart as well as their overall condition.  You should check closely if there are other transits affecting Mars or planetary links that closely resemble this configuration such as Pluto and Saturn or Uranus links for this will help to define the intensity. 

Pluto and Mars together often indicate a warning signal and if you also have at least two other planetary links that also point in the same direction, you will have to watch for haste in action, especially dealing with motorized vehicles and machinery.  Potential dangers lie in these areas.  This is a high energy transit that must be contained or expressed in a vigorous although gentle manner.  If you do not release these inherent energies, there is potential for becoming victim to aggressive behaviour.  Do not place yourself in immediate danger and avoid arguments if possible.

If you are ready to move forward with your ambitions in life, this transit can provide you with the drive to accomplish, even in the face of adversity.  You have great potential to overcome any harsh conditions and if you harness this powerful aspect, you can succeed in many endeavours (which under normal conditions you would most likely not even think about pursuing).  There is a lot of drive and energy linked to this transit.  You are also able to dig beneath the surface on inner turmoil that may have been dormant in the past.  This is the time when you can bring these to the surface and deal appropriately with them.

Mars is linked to the ego and the ego drive and Pluto can be a destructive power urge.  You will have to be careful in how you approach life’s endeavours during this transit.  Much opposition to your plans can arise if you handle this energy in an ego-oriented fashion.  You will, however, be able to present your case with much enthusiasm and have an ability to put your point across in a powerful and direct manner.  In some cases, nonetheless, you can become quite subversive in your approach.

Pluto tends to transform many things it touches and you will have to take note of which house it is transiting through as well as any other planets it touches.  The house is the area of life that is transforming and any planets it touches will be affected by its transformational abilities.  Pluto can be very subtle in its actions and as time passes, you will begin to figure out how it has affected that area of life. 

You can do great things with this transit and you will notice that work which normally takes great effort to complete does not seem to require the same amount of energy.  You accomplish more with less effort and if you put effort into your plans and objectives, the odds of a favourable result or a change in conditions are strong.

As mentioned, this transit has potential for difficult conditions although unlikely unless several aspects in the chart correlate with this transit of Pluto and Mars.  Be a little more careful while under its influence, especially when transiting Pluto goes direct and aspects Mars within ten minutes.     

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Living in the Arms of Faith

One of the hardest lessons we can learn is the ability to live through faith.  It is one of the final steps in the orchestration of living in the mystical realm.  Many search for living proof of a divine revelation on some level or another.  We are creatures of learning.  We resonate when we are learning but we often require some form of proof before we plunge into a new area.

Some fear this veil of uncertainty.  Understand that it is the mind’s interference that creates these insecurities and obstructions to the truth.  Many concepts are passes down from generation to generation.  We have been programmed throughout our lives on many different levels.  How can we blindly follow these passed down concepts and ideals yet we have such difficulty having faith in our own true knowing?

You may have faith that in the afterlife if we live a life without compliance to what is considered to be correct, we will face demons at deaths door.  Why the can we not have faith in the knowing that God, our true essence, all that inspires, true Love, call it what you will, only knows love and compassion?  Would a loving God have you face demons upon death--or the crossing through the door to the next existence--or our proverbial door to the next stage of awakening?  

Release worry about your past and how you have lived your life.  That is in the past.  Today is a fresh start.  This “now” is all that we have.  Undoubtedly there is Karma on one level or another, but we can face much of our Karma now if we wish, or push it into our next existence.  When we cross that bridge, or open that door, we are all met with the same similar warm loving embrace of acceptance and understanding.

When following your life’s pursuit and having crossed many barriers along the way, if you accept that we all have the ingredients to move ahead at any given time into our intended direction, this is faith.  Believe in life and its process.  Have FAITH that it is taking you in the proper direction.  There is only one thing that we know as truth.......that LOVE EXISTS.

Negative information does not have its place in this existence.  There is no real significance in the negative forces that passed down information has ingrained into our belief system other than for control purposes.  Know this and refocus your life on PURE LOVE, because nothing else matters.  By doing this you close the door to any negativity and only allow THE PURE ESSENCE--LOVE ITSELF to filter through the core of your being.  It already does and always will resonate within.  Have FAITH!

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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Gift Certificates Available

Due to the detailed content in our Astrology Chart Reports and our current orders, we now are offering Gift Certificates only for those wanting to give the gift of a Chart Report for the holidays. 

Gift Certificates can be purchased in any denomination, either in whole or in part of the costs of a Chart.

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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Testimonial by MK, Barrie ON

I would like to express my thanks to you for my Natal Chart reading. I’ve had 3 or 4 of these Astrological charts done for me in the last few decades. I didn't anticipate any surprises, but was interested in your perspective for the same birth data. I was very amazed to read this report and the nature and fluidity of its contents. I wasn’t expecting this sort of reading. It spoke to me on a deeply personal level and I understood the perspective given as I reflect upon my life. I wouldn’t have been able to receive this information in my earlier years as I would not have understood the links and subtleties covering the decades. It feels more like a ‘soul’ or ‘life path’ reading; highlighting major lessons, qualities and themes that are the undercurrents of my life, that coupled with blocks and specific personality resistances. All of which are neatly spelled out in my chart, unique to my birth data, but inherent in all of us- the human condition and the sojourn of an evolving soul. When this information is viewed fresh on the pages, it  makes you laugh at your own transparency, and  gain some clarity of the Whole Self, in a way that isn't feasible without this sort of  ‘big picture’ objective feedback. That alone is worth its weight in gold! The chart reading is insightful, intuitive and overall affirming. Peter’s warmth and skilled craftsmanship remain constant throughout.

I recommend Holm Astrology whole heartedly; it’s a wonderful gift to give, especially to oneself.

Thank you, Peter.

Warm regards,
MK, Barrie ON

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