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Saturday, 30 August 2014


My chart was quite accurate in terms of my personality and even the description of events over the past year.  I have always maintained that I am here to learn patience. LoL   You reiterated that.   I am a firm believer in moving forward and looking for the lessons and the positive in all situations.  It can be difficult though when things get shaken up.


Descriptors (in my chart) of life changing on a moment’s notice, as well as having not one situation but 3 or 4 that are unexpected and not asked for, are very true.


I find the whole idea of the influence of planets very interesting.  It challenges the notion that we have choices in our path (other than how we deal with it).


Your assessment of changes in relationships is correct, as well as lifestyle.  You were also very right in that amongst all the negativity which indeed is very overwhelming (felt as though I had the crud beat out of me lol) , many good supports have popped up. Supports I may not have used previously given my independence.  Much good has grown out of a really cruddy situation.  I know there are still changes ahead in terms of relationships and work.


The chart was great.  Thank you for all your hard work.


Thanks again for you efforts and words of encouragement.  It's all much appreciated.



Friday, 29 August 2014

Violence Does Not Solve Violence

How many wars have been fought in the name of justice?  How many innocent people have been killed in the name of religion? 


Throughout the years mankind has used drastic measures to try to deal with injustice and what is the end result?  Have the issued been resolved?  Is there less crime or atrocities?  Has the punishment suited the crime?


Why do so many innocent people need to be hurt or die when fighting breaks out between rival factions?  How do you stop this violence?  How to you make these individuals accountable without violence?


When someone is jailed for a crime committed is the problem rectified due to their institutionalization?  Does the perpetrator come out with a new found outlook that assists them with the intension that they will not harm another again?  We call incarceration justice but does justice assist in correcting the issues or does it perpetuate the problems?  What is the alternative?


One thing is for certain, violence does not correct violence.  If anything, it promotes more action of the same.  So what do we do and how do we change the course of our world?  What is the alternative for our political leaders?  What other course of action can they take to combat violence? 


Can change begin with us?  We can foster a better tomorrow by being an example to our children and our children’s children through love and compassion.  We have to “be” the action that we want for our world.  Slowly we will mold a future that WILL help those in need of direction and those who are dishearten because of a life that offers little in the area of hope.


It begins with us.  Once a wave starts on a lake, it continues and will travel the full length of the lake.  Our small steps in a positive direction can become the source of inspiration that can touch all of humanity.  Start your own wave and let’s watch its rippling effect.


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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Transitting Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter has been in Leo since July of this year and we will be focusing on the movement of Jupiter in the sign of Leo specifically between 15-22 degrees.  If you have your Midheaven at 15-22 degrees of Leo, Jupiter will be conjuncting this area of your Chart beginning towards the end of September and will remain in close proximity until late June, 2015.  Jupiter goes into retrograde motion on December 8, 2014 and will pass over this area of your Chart two more times before it moves beyond the 22 degree mark.  Its influence will intensify each time is conjuncts this area of your Chart.


Transiting Jupiter’s orb of influence can be felt about 5 degrees approaching and lasts about 2 degrees while separating.  Jupiter is known as a major benefactor in Astrology and usually provides luck and good fortune or at least a positive approach to life’s circumstances when it becomes activated with another point in your Chart.  When Jupiter conjuncts the midheaven quite often one receives opportunities to further one’s occupation through promotion or increase in salary.  This opportunity increases when Jupiter is well aspected in the Natal Chart.  The results would be less affluently affected when Jupiter is under some stress in the Birth Chart. 


Jupiter regardless of natal aspect (with the except for Saturn) rewards and provides opportunities to move forward in your life’s direction.  Sometimes one’s aspirations and outer goals come to fruition during Jupiter’s contact with the mid-heaven.  You may get more recognition for hard work but Jupiter’s main expression deals with expansion.  If for example you have been avoiding responsibility at work, you may also get noticed for this; however, because of the good fortune that Jupiter usually offers, you may only get reprimanded in a gentle fashion.  Under most conditions, you would get another chance to prove yourself and in so doing, change your future prospective.  


When Jupiter is conjuncting the Mid-heaven, it is also in opposition to the IC or fourth house cusp.  This usually brings opportunities for changes in the home front although oppositions are usually not the best aspect and are often associated with other people’s opinions or communicational disruption and interchange.  If Jupiter is conjunct this area of your Chart, there would be opportunities to move into a home of your own, or buy or sell real estate that you could prosper from during this time.  The fourth house also deals with the family, and your family may experience gains at this time or you may assist them during this period.


Jupiter is nearly always present when good things happen or some sort of expansion takes place.  It promotes luck and ease in obtaining benefits unless there are other challenging aspects within the Chart at the same time.  If there are plenty of squares or oppositions and even some conjunctions to planetary placements within the Birth Chart during the transiting Jupiter conjunction, you will have to weigh in all the potential challenges that these other placements will have.  In most circumstances, Jupiter will provide some fortunate outcome although you may have to work very hard to achieve what you set out to do.  Jupiter is normally beneficial in its effects.


Find out how Jupiter is affecting your Birth Chart and understand what the opportunities for growth are for you.


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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Locating Your Place of Serenity

After a hectic day performing all the necessary tasks to fulfill your commitments, whether it be a day spent at work outside of the home or a busy day working at home watching the children and doing the house chores, it is essential to have a place where you can retreat – a place to call your own.  Some prefer to take a walk outside viewing the garden and its beauty.  Some like to sit and turn on the television and watch their favourite show, while others need a place where they feel secluded and are able to review the day’s activity and recharge the emotional batteries.


You need some time to reflect on the day and whatever activity or lack thereof it takes to settle you down, this should be pursued.  If you find peace and solace through meditate or a walk in nature, take the time required to release any pent up emotion from the day’s workload and events.  It is important to release any tension and stress that you have throughout the day’ events.  Relax your mind.  A nature walk, meditation or a gentle musical interlude are all good ways to find that place of serenity that we all need to release.


Sharing the day’s events with a loved one or companion can also help you release and unwind after a busy day.  Even if all events of the day were positive and you are at peace with the events, share them with someone.  Release the joy and share the feelings you have about your day.


Each and every one of us has a need to release.  If after your release practice, you still feel restricted or obstructed, a listening ear or a strong shoulder will often help the situation and bring new light on subjects that just needed a different vantage point.


Finding your place of solitude is essential.  Each of us needs to release any emotions that are hindering our otherwise peaceful existence.  If you have had a wonderful day then share it as your feelings can also go along way on making others happy, simply by being and sharing with you.   Find your place of retreat, your place to unwind and continue or end your day free from any anxieties or stress.   


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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Moon in Pisces in Astrology

The Moon in Pisces is an extremely sensitive sign placement and often provides people with the Moon in this sign or the Moon in the twelfth house with strong psychic inclinations.  They are very emotional in their nature and not very practical or earthy.  These individuals usually are apt to pursue a profession that involves caring for others or charity work.  Some view these sensitive individuals as spaced-out as they are often more in touch with what cannot be seen rather than being consumed by material possessions or professional advancement.


They are very deep people who unintentionally absorb other people’s feelings often mistaking these feels as their own.  This is something that they will need to work on in order to not become overwhelmed by the emotions of others.  They are psychic sponges and are also very compassionate souls who will need time alone to evaluate life’s circumstances and recharge their emotional batteries. 

They do not take well to insults or rejections of any kind.  They feel things deeply and neither take well to other people’s criticism nor overly aggressive individuals and their actions.  Their world is a feeling one and they can judge the environment before meeting anyone or knowing what is transpiring at any given time.


These people are gentle souls who genuinely care about others.  They are soft-hearted and because of this may be taken advantage of especially by those with sob stories.  They will have to learn (and probably the hard way) who is genuine and who actually needs their help.  You will find them involved in a spiritual cause or in religious groups and also in groups of like-minded people.


Many of these individuals find it very difficult to deal with some of life’s more tumultuous conditions and they have a desire to escape these life experiences.  Because of this, there are dangers of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol in order to try to avoid these difficult situations that we all have to face at some point in our life.  Facing cold hard facts head on is often very trying and they will gain resilience and strength when they actually do try to cope with life’s hardships.


Because of their great sensitivity and strong imagination they are often able to decipher dreams and can use their gifts of psychic ability to assist those around them, as long as they learn how to separate themselves from others’ emotionally.  Their great imagination can also assist them in uncovering life’s mysteries and many use these talents and their emotional sensitivity to make great writers, poets, musicians and artists.


If you are looking for someone who will walk that mile in your shoes and share your most emotional experiences, these are the people that make great friends and the ones that will understand you when no one else seems to.


Where is the Moon in your Natal chart?


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Monday, 25 August 2014

Be True to Yourself

There are many individuals that live their lives for others--rarely thinking of their own needs and always putting other’s needs ahead of their own.  These are admiral qualities to say the least, but while they are busy helping everyone else they are forgetting that they also have needs.  How can we truly be of service if we are not looking after our own needs? 


You have to be true to yourself first and look after what is important to you.  If you spend your life neglecting yourself for the sake of others, will you find contentment in service?  Is it wrong to look after your own needs? 


Life is meant to be shared and if you truly want to share your life with others, perhaps to perform at your best, you have to have an honest look at how you feel.  Is your life complete and are you getting what you need?  It certainly is necessary to think of your own personal needs.  This is not being selfish.  It is important to look after yourself and your life’s requirements.


If you are living your life just for others, what is left for you?  How can you truly be of service to others if you feel incomplete or dissatisfied with life’s conditions?  You have to be happy within and content with your life.  This cannot be found through others.  It can only be found within you.


We are each here to help others.  If we pursue a life of giving, we are on the right path and following our destiny.  If you ignore your own needs, it may be difficult for you to do the best you can for others.  There will be times when you have to address your own mental, physical and emotional needs.  It is not necessary to bringing someone else into the equation.   It does not have to be brought out into the open or even presented to others.  It can be a pact you make with yourself -- a silent commitment you decide on without any outside involvement.  


You deserve to be happy and content in life.  Being true to yourself and paying attention to what your needs are is the first step in acknowledging that you too are deserving of attention.  We live a service oriented life and this is as it should be, but you should also experience the receiving scenario.  You are as relevant as anyone else.  Be sure to treat yourself in the same fashion as you treat others.


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Friday, 22 August 2014

Past Lives.....Fact or Fiction?

Are past lives fact or fiction?  This is a question that has been baffling people for eons. 


Is there a possibility that we have lived in previous lifetimes? 


Have we been here before? 


Is this our one and only life, and what happens when we die?


There have been many mystics, among others, that are quite comfortable with the concept that we have lived before.  There are countless individuals that truly believe that they have had recalls of past lives.  Some have experienced glimpses through past life regression.  Many of us have heard of stories where people claim to have experienced a “knowing” feeling as if they have been somewhere before yet know without a doubt that they have never been there in this lifetime.  How can this be possible?


We, personally, have seen an English speaking child under two years of age speaking fluent Chinese to a shop owner.  The Chinese owner said the child was talking in his language and questioned if the parents could also speak Chinese but they could not.  How is this possible? 


It is said that in the meditative state one can have many experiences, such as out of body experiences, finding their eclectic records and the remembrance of past lives.  Are all these fabrications of the mind or is this possible? 


Undoubtedly, we all have heard of experiences from those individuals who have clinically died and came back to life.  These individuals refer to a light or walking in a tunnel towards a light.  Some say that as they were walking towards the light that they reached a point where they knew that if they passed it there would be no returning. We have also been told that some are told to turn around and go back that it was not their time to come.  How can we explain this?


We hear more and more people having “special” experiences.  Does it not make you questions, what is normal or “super”natural and what is not? 


Are these experiences not just our individual perception of reality?  We, personally, cannot help but question just how little we actually understand.   What is the big picture and what is our part in it? 


We each have a choice to be a skeptic, to be a believer or we can just be open to all potentials.  Fact or fiction--what is your interpretation?  We leave it in your hands to come up with your own personal perception of what reality is and what your part actually is.  It is certainly wide open for discussion, isn’t it?


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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Sun in Virgo - August 24, 2014

The following post applies to those that are born with the Sun in Virgo or have a strong planetary influence in the sixth house.  On August the 24, 2014, the Sun moves into the sign of Virgo. 


Those who are born with strong Virgo character traits view life on a microscopic level.  They do not miss anything life throws at them and are constantly analyzing life and current situations.  They have an eye for detail on a most minute scale and see imperfection and the tiniest of flaws.  They are seekers of perfection in life and in themselves.


They are conservative in their approach to life and are rarely gamblers.  They like the tried and tested route.  Because of their intellectual approach to life and their ability to decipher even the tiniest details, they are excellent problem solvers, although their approach may be considered by some as going to the extreme.  They are very service oriented and enjoy helping others and have an uncanny ability to create order out of chaotic conditions.  They truly give all of themselves to those in need and can be counted on if they give you their word.  They will offer their advice and aid in almost any situation.


With their work, they enjoy detail.  Accounting and design as well as organizational projects are right up their alley.  They are very productive and enjoy being busy and often get noticed for their precise work and problem solving.  They certainly seek perfection and can be counted on in doing a good job. 


Rewards come their way when perseverance is required and they will often take on jobs that are too difficult for others to handle as they can make it work in the very best possible way.  They also make excellent writers, analysers and critiques because of their ability to stick with something until it is completed.  They are usually good at handling money matters and make great financial advisers.  They also make great secretaries or assistants.  Order is key for them and will help them in many of their endeavours in life.


Many are overly concerned with cleanliness and hygiene as well as diet and health.  They can actually become overly conscious in health matters and some can become hypochondriacs if there is too much concentration in this area of life.  When this becomes extreme, there is a tendency to worry and become anxious at the slightest ailment.  They will have to watch from becoming obsessive and compulsive when it comes to health, especially their own.  Too much worry is a direct sign of misalignment and they will need to find a place within where they can rationalise the situation and take some time to relax and let go of this focus.  In most cases the problem will resolve itself and calming themselves down is the best route to take.  They need to have intermittent rest periods where they can calm down and view things more realistically.  This will assist in letting go of potential problems.


Virgo individuals are very curious characters who intellectualize life matters.  When it comes to their emotions, they usually keep them secret and because of this, often come across as very self-contained and self-reliant.  They find their emotional equilibrium by intellectually analyzing their emotions and coming to terms on a mental level.  They can use their logic and methodical approach to solve most any problem as long as they keep things in balance and do not let their analytical abilities run away with them.


They see faults in others, are especially hard on themselves and their inner circle of friends, although their intent is to help.  Sometimes others will require their assistance, but sometimes the Virgo individual will need to stand back and realize that not everyone wants their help.  They are totally service oriented and truly want to help.  If you have a problem that needs resolution and you just do not seem to be able to figure it out, your Virgo friend can surely help you uncover the solution you are looking for.


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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Current World Conditions

Listening to the evening news, you would have to think that our world and mankind are headed for disaster.  There are several new situations that have raised their offensive faces in our world at present.  There are people fleeing their homelands in fear of their lives.  There is ever increasing racial and religious segregation.  Religion’s base is a pure one if it is based on love.  Love bonds us all together although there are religious heretics or extremists that have proclaimed their rite of enforcement and cleansing in the name of God.


It is difficult for those of us who are peace loving individuals to understand some of the workings of our world, when all we seek is love, truth and compassion for everyone.  Should we not be able to mold these objectives into one common tread if we are all in search of the same thing?


Our world seems to be teetering but often before change, we experience ciaos in some form or another.  The current order of things must give way for something new to enter into existence.  Many feel a change in consciousness or that new world order is taking hold.  There is an awakening taking place in our world and if we look around, we will see that many people are on some type of spiritual journey.  Transformation is often preceded by confrontation and our world is confronting itself and changes are being made on a global scale.


Be thankful if you are not caught in the middle of this transformation that so many unfortunately are experiencing on a physical level.  Many are losing their family, friends and homes due to violence, hate and power struggles.  There have been ongoing issues with famine and long experienced suffering in third world countries that seem to be only an illusion in our little protected area of the world.


Suffering on a grand scale takes place every day in our neighbouring countries and many experience horrendous acts of inhuman treatment.  Be thankful for your peaceful surroundings.  We do recognize that there are many among us who are suffering their own mental anguish and torment on their own personal level.


Be the agent of change in your corner of the world by spreading love, compassion and peace.  Pass on the one ingredient that we all have in common as being human and caring for those around us.  You can generate love and compassion in your everyday world, spreading the wave of affection and friendship to your fellow man.  A loving gesture, a gentle smile and a helping hand are all within your abilities.  Alternatively, as one in need, these are always within your reach if you simply will reach out in your moments of suffering and pain.


We are all one and on this journey together.  The whole world is joined and although we experience our own life on our own terms, we still walk this road of life together.  Shake hands with all fellow humans.  Make amends and learn to love one another on a grand scale.  Pray for your fellow brother and sister Strive for peace! 


Focus your intent in positive directions and pay heed to the world of abundance that surrounds you.  We have the inherent ability to make that shift, to change our part of the world and to help those around us that need our assistance, regardless of how insignificant that help may seem.  Baby steps pull us in the right direction.  You CAN make this world a better place--one step at a time!


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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Transiting Neptune Conjunct the Ascendant in Astrology

If your Ascendant is Pisces and around 4-8 degrees then Neptune has been conjuncting your Rising Sign for some time now (spring of 2013 through to the beginning of 2015).  With a Pisces Ascendant, you may be attuned to the spiritual forces and have psychic inclinations, especially if you have other strong characteristics such as the Sun and Moon in water signs, or in the fourth, eighth or twelfth houses.


Along with a higher sensitivity to the mystical realms and occult practices, there is also the possibility that your emotional makeup is highly sensitive as well.  These two usually go hand in hand.  Pisces also has a tendency to block cold, hard facts that may infiltrate these individuals emotional network and because of this, there is a higher possibility of alcohol and drug addictions with those who have this very sensitive sign.


When deciphering what Neptune has been orchestrating in your life over this period, it is important to have a look at the aspects to your Ascendant in your Natal chart and the natal aspects and transits to your natal Neptune.  If your Ascendant and Neptune in the Natal chart are well aspected, Neptune’s influence will be positive and inspirational. 


If your natal Ascendant and Neptune have difficult aspects, the influence of Neptune will be more challenging during this time frame.  A cloud of illusion and the potential to feel dismayed emotionally as well as mentally may be present especially when Transiting Neptune is in tight aspect to these positions in your Chart.


This is often a time when relationships go through changes.  This aspect will alter many relationships that are actually in need of transformation.  Neptune can bring forth an idealistic relationship or a relationship that can be deceptive.  You are often not in complete control of the way you are viewing these relationships.  You may be placing your partner on a pedestal and having high expectations of them.  Sometimes what you see is not fabricated and actually exists although more often than not your perceptions are a little coloured and disappointment can result.  Keep your expectations to a minimum and understand that you are viewing life through a filter, although often there is the potential of strong intuition.  Much depends on the overall condition of your Natal Ascendant and Neptune.  


It is important during the transit to spend some time reflecting on who you are and watch for loosing sight of the real you, although spiritual transformations are also quite possible.  Do not expect too much from yourself and view yourself objectively.  If you like what you see, you can now make it part of your identity, as you can change who you are at any time but particularly now.  Just watch for idealizing what you think you could be or who you are becoming.


Many find solace in volunteer work during this transit and become involved in organizations that help those less fortunate or those who are ill.  You are apt to play a martyr role during this period although having a Pisces Ascendant, you may already have these inclinations.  You may also find that you play an important role for those less fortunate and may try to stand up for them if they are unable to do so for themselves.  This is a perfect example of how to use the energies of Neptune in a positive way and through you, these energies can have profound effects on those around you.


There can also a higher level of interest in the mystical realm as mentioned and your psychic abilities may move to new heights.  It is possible that you will feel as though you are more in touch with the divine.  Although traditional religious doctrines might be an avenue of expression, there are also other means of achieving this relationship with spirituality.  For many, this will be a time of awakening to a higher source of inspiration but for some, this will be a time of dismay and confusion. 


Make the most of this very special time in your life, as the conjunction only happens once and if you are experiencing delusion and confusion during this time, do not hesitate to seek professional advice.  Spirituality and enlightenment are often new shoots of this magical conjunction.


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Monday, 18 August 2014

Accomplish Anything

Have you ever come to a fork in the road where you are faced with an obstacle yet truly feel that you cannot achieve or overcome the experience?  There are times we actual limit our abilities to complete tasks that are set out in front of us.  We meet up with a situation that seems too difficult to complete...above our heads, so to speak.  Could this possibly be a situation where you cannot complete a task simply because your mind tells you that you cannot?


Is it not important that you rise to the occasion and meet the challenge head on, without resistance or a negative attitude?  This could relate to almost anything that you meet up with in life.  Sometimes the challenge can be overwhelming and other times, you just are not overly confident that you can resolve the challenge or obstacle that stands in front of you.


Believing in your self is always the first step; then taking the initiative to move forward without reserve is the next step forward.  If it is something that you have not attempted before (providing it serves you and/or others in a positive way) then why not give it a go.  If fear of failure is what is standing in the way of your taking life by the horns, understand that it is better to have tried and failed than to have regrets later that you did not try.


The mind can obscure and distort reality yet we can push ourselves beyond our mind telling us we “cannot”.  With courage, you do not have to follow the mind’s intent if it does not suit a positive purpose.  Do not let negative feedback hold you back from accomplishing anything in life.  Put negativity in its proper place.  Allow it to protect you from danger but put it behind you and move forward with your objectives with confidence when it is only fear of failure.


If you fail to achieve what you set out to do or fall short, then at least you gave it your all.  You can feel confident knowing that at least you tried.  Perhaps with some tweaking, another attempt will provide you with that achievement that you are aiming for.  Do not give in without a fight!  Try again a little later.  Perhaps this time you will have more resolve and will achieve what you could not do previously.  This is often what it takes to break the habit of fear that has been allowed to grow over the years.  A perfect of example to push you to keep trying is the act of quitting smoking.


When you set out to accomplish something, do so with a positive attitude.  If you start half-heartedly and tell yourself you will “try”, that is all you will accomplish is a “try”.  Start out knowing you will “do”.  The result will be a job well “done”. 


As you gain strength and resolve, the mind or ego starts to shift and the negative attitude will weaken.  The negative mind becomes a defiant child instead of an overruling tyrant.


You CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to as long as you believe in yourself.  Once you have accomplished what you set out to do, you will gain strength and wisdom from the adventure.  Hard lessons and difficult conditions when met head-on will provide you with the knowledge that you can succeed and conquer even the most difficult circumstances that life can throw at you.


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Friday, 15 August 2014

The Sea of Tranquility

Many of us travel life’s road searching for that special place that offers tranquility-- that place that will give us peace and contentment.


We look for peace and gratification yet we often find ourselves searching in the wrong places. 


Material rewards provide us with a short experience of what we think is happiness, yet the experience is temporary.  Some travel to beautiful places where they can experience Mother Nature at its purest.  This too provides peace and tranquility while we are able to stay in those specific surroundings yet we eventually find ourselves back in our daily routine and although the experience was wonderful, we cannot completely hold onto the experience.


Many of us who are in search for this place of tranquility are drawn to look outside of ourselves to seek peace.  Contentment is something that is found within, at least real and lasting contentment.  Finding a place within that allows love to survive and grow and a place where you can be happy with whom you are without any fabricated material substance brings about a true tranquil, content experience.


Do not look to others to help you find this place, although the love of a family member or close friend can assist in bring about a feel of happiness.  People come and go in life, although there are some of us who are fortunate enough to have long lasting partners and friendships that help to bring ease to life’s experiences.


To experience happiness and contentment, you have to find that place within where you are happy with whom you are, not what you own or how many friends and family members are at your side.  You have to allow the true self to surface and accept that person lovingly.  When you know true self love only then can you be happy and content with the reflection of the world around you.  Life is a mirror that reflects the image of your heart and your attitude.


If you pay close attention to what is truly precious in your life (not what you think is missing), if you function with pure intentions, you are on the right track and life will respond accordingly.  You do not have to be a martyr--just respectful of yourself and of those around you.  Acknowledge the actual control you have in your own personal pursuit and accept responsibility for the place you find yourself in now.


It is in your hands.  It always has been.  YOU are the key to unlocking your own potential and uncovering your place of tranquility.


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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Saturn Playing Havoc in Astrology

If you have any planets or angles (ascendant/midheaven) around 20 degrees in your Birth chart, Saturn has been playing havoc in your life.  Saturn has been around the 20 degree mark of Scorpio since the beginning of 2014 which will come to an end in October/November., 2014.  Saturn moves into Sagittarius right around Christmas, briefly returns into Scorpio next June-September of 2015 and then remains in Sagittarius from that point forward.


As many of you understand, Saturn is the task maker of the Zodiac.  Where ever it touches, it usually creates challenges and trying situations seem to come to the forefront in life.  It certainly can create havoc especially when in hard aspect to several planets in our Birth chart. 


Have a look at how your Saturn is aspected in your Birth chart as this will play an important factor on just how severe its influence will be while it is in transit.  If Saturn is well aspected in the Birth chart, you can still expect periods of cautious, disciplined movement in your life.  This is often in areas related to career or obligations and duties in life, but with the positive aspects, the effects will not be as trying a period. 


Check to see the natal house and transiting house Saturn is in as well as the house cusp it rules (Capricorn on the cusp or within the house).  These will be areas of life that will be affected.  Also, the houses where natal planets are in aspect to Saturn will also be affected.


Saturn is the task maker and teaches us discipline in whatever area of life is suggested by planetary links to it during transit.  It also promises rewards sometimes of great magnitude when we prepare accordingly and live up to our own expectations.  Saturn is the teacher and its lessons are usually difficult and often challenging, but can be met.  The lesson will be a little more severe if it has challenging aspects to it in the Natal chart or if it makes several difficult aspects while in transit to planets within the Natal chart.


Saturn challenges us to have an honest look at our current life, our life’s situation and our obligations and duties to family and career or schooling.  Saturn is one of the most difficult planets to deal with and you cannot escape its lessons.  If you choose to ignore what Saturn is trying to teach you, it will surely furnish you with another even more difficult lesson to learn along the same lines as the first one which was ignored.


Saturn along with the other outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) offer insight and opportunities to review your life’s course, to make changes that affect the future and move you although often in a turbulent manner into your intended direction.  If you work hard and be honest with yourself, the rewards can be great and very satisfying.  There is no better feeling than a job well done. 


Review where Saturn as well as the outer planets is located in your Birth chart by transit and see where you are in your life now and what lies ahead.


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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

What is Freedom to You?

Take a moment to quietly explore your concept of freedom.  What is freedom?  How does one attain freedom? 


This is a very in depth question and there are many answers, as freedom means different things to different people.  Our individual meanings of freedom will differ depending on where we live in the world and the conditions we each live under in this life.


Someone living under totalitarian rule with very little freedom of choice and the inability to express themselves without fear of punishment has a totally different view of freedom compared to those living in a country which allows the freedom of speech, although some may still fear ridicule. 


You truly have to ask yourself what freedom means to you as an individual and under what conditions freedom can be expressed.  In the true democratic nations of the world, freedom of speech without fear of prosecution through government organizations has some significance, although there are circumstances where even this freedom may be taken away. 


Freedom is an individual experience and how you relate to your own personal freedom is really all that matters.


I want to address a specific type freedom.  The freedom that is expressed when you are being yourself under any condition, feeling comfortable in your own skin and unafraid of ridicule or worrying about what others may think….the freedom that unlocks the door to inhibitions and allowing the self to emerge without sanctions or restrictions.  Being your true self can be difficult in our society as there are always those who judge, but in reality, other people’s opinions and judgements hold no real meaning.


I am speaking of the freedom to approach each and every life event in your own individual way.  It is insignificant how others feel about your life’s situations.  How you feel is what matters (as long as you are not intentionally hurting yourself or others through your actions).  You can allow yourself to be swayed by others, but once again, this allowing is your choice. 


Other people’s attitudes and belief structures belong to them.  You always have freedom of choice and freedom of action.  If someone injures you on a mental level or physical level, without downplaying the situation, you have the choice on how you can deal with these events.  It is in your hands and your decision uncovers what the next move will be. 


You have the freedom to analysing any given situation and the ability to approach any condition from any angle you choose.


In reality, you cannot blame anyone else for an action you have taken regardless of their actions leading up to your choice.  Freedom is a concept.  Each and every one of your decisions is made under this concept.


In understanding the concept that life provides and your acceptance or refusal of whatever life provides once again is through your freedom of choice. 


You can only be held responsible for your choices.  You must take responsibility for your choices.  We do have true freedom if we analyse our lives.  Be thankful for this ability but also take responsibility for it.


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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Trine Aspect in Astrology

The trine is an aspect used in Astrology that is defined as two planets or angles (ascendant/midheaven with angles) being within 120 degrees from one another.  There is an orb allowance of up to 8-10 degrees; therefore, the influence would be from 110-130 degrees apart.  The closer the orb is to 120 degrees, the stronger the aspect’s influence.


The trine along with the sextile (60 degree aspect) and some conjunctions (0-10 degrees apart) are considered positive aspects in Astrology.  In most cases, there is an easy flow of energies between the planets or angles involved in the aspect.  The only planet that might cause some challenging situations would be Saturn, although a trine between Saturn and another planet usually suggests the ability to form concrete structures within the framework of the other planets energies or the angle in aspect.


The trine is considered a major aspect as are the conjunction, sextile, square and the opposition.  The trine is considered a reliable and constructive aspect and when activated through transit or progression can usually be counted on to bring about a time of rewards for hard work or talents may surface during the aspect period.  The trine works easily and you do not have the stress behind the planetary energies that some of the harder aspects present.  People often take their trines and sextile for granted.  You just know things will work and with little effort on your part.


People with many trines and sextiles in their Birth chart seem to have a horseshoe up their …. in their pocket and life always works well for them.  When they are confronted with a challenging situation (unless they have some tight squares and oppositions in their Birth chart), they are caught off guard and have a real problem fixing the situation as they are not accustomed to the challenging energies brought on by transiting squares and oppositions (and some conjunctions).


Those with a great number of trines in their Natal chart and especially those with grand trines in their Birth Chart, do not have to change the structures in their lives often and the energies represented by the planets do not need adjustments.  The energies flow naturally and without constraint especially when operating within the same element (Water, earth, fire and air).


Transiting trines and sextiles are what we wait for, as we usually have support in our efforts and things in life seem to fall into place.  There is usually little challenge in making the area of life (house locations) work and fall into place.  This is when you get rewards from life and what you have been doing seems to pan out in your favour.  A trine between two planets through transit usually works out quite well depending on the aspect between the planets in the Birth chart.  If there is also a trine between the planets involved in transit and in the Birth chart, the opportunities for a favourable outcome is heightened.  If there is a square or opposition in the Birth chart but a trine in the transit or progression, you may have to work at it a little harder but the chances for success are stronger than if the transiting planet makes a challenging aspect.


The only problem with several trines or sextiles in the Birth chart is that things work so well that often the individual becomes reluctant to work hard when trying to reach their objectives.  It is common that the individual will feel that things will work and quite often things will work out for them with little effort on their part.  It is, however, much more productive and rewarding when you have to work at things to make life fulfilling.  There are feelings that go along with a job well done and recognition is gained when we work hard to achieve.


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