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Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Transiting Uranus in opposition to the natal Moon can be quite disruptive emotionally.  You may find that emotional responses are erratic, to say the least, and you may find that outbursts of emotional expression that are not the norm for you (when this aspect is in effect).  These erratic emotional responses seem to come out of nowhere. 

You may not be prepared for what happens to you on an emotional level.  Your reactions can be quick and drastic and quite surprising.

Quite often these emotional responses seem to be ignited by outside influences, often directly related to what someone else has said or done.  It seems as though others bring things outbursts to the surface and we react.  Remember, however, you still have control of your response to whatever takes place in life.  Take a moment before expressing yourself.

You may want to break free of any emotional confrontations and some individuals with this aspect can and will simply clear themselves from any obstructions or irritations.  You may just get up and walk away, as a change of scenery often is exactly what is needed.  There is no need to participate in arguments or intrusive behaviour.  Any type of personal limitation or restriction can be very difficult to handle under this influence, even for those that normally can bend and adjust with all of life’s conditions.

The Moon is often associated with change and is frequently associated with the home and personal life.  Some pick up and leave simply because of a strong need for personal freedom.  For those younger individuals still living at home, this may be the time when they move out on their own in search of personal liberation.  They choose to become independent and self-sufficient, relying on no one for assistance.  This may be hard on parents but also quite understandable as there comes a time when everyone has to leave the security of home and family and break free to live their own lives. 

There is often problems stemming from the mother under this influence and this is not to say that she is behaving inappropriately.  She may simply be standing in the way of what the child considers progress.  It is best for the parents not to hold a tight reigns on any individuals under this aspect.  What these individuals require right now is personal space.

Many of the old ways are no longer suitable and although the old ways may feel safer, the energies of this aspect can be a great time to start anew and move in a direction that suits the individual’s personally.  Allow all things and information to surface before making any radical changes to your life however. 

Uranus often acts on impulse and it is best to weigh things out before making a move.

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