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Thursday, 14 June 2018


This can be a touchy subject but in light of the election recently in Ontario and remembering the plight of women trying to obtain the legal right to vote, we thought this is subject worth reflecting on.

For many centuries, women have been segregated and their voices gagged and their human rights ignored. 

Integration has begun in most countries but not all. 

It is time to openly recognize and acknowledge women and their role in aiding the overall connection of each and every inhabitant of our world.  In many countries, women can now voice their opinions and their hand in the evolution of the human mind and heart is recognized.

It is well past time that we listen and act upon their message.  Unfortunately, there are still those that believe women have a lesser role to play than man and there are still countries that repress every avenue of living for woman and their rights. 

What is there to fear? 

There will always be those that stand in the way of progress, but the majority recognize the important role that women play in every avenue of our society. 

We see more female leaders and rightfully so.  Most women, unlike the men of the past, allow themselves to “feel” in life.  They are receptive to the sufferings of others and sensitive enough to truly care.  Women openly feel the pain of others (not to say that men do not for this too is evolving).  Men have been programmed in the past that emotions are a weakness and many men still battle with this myth today. 

For those that seek equality and recognition, let the door swing wide open.  For those that seek fairness and justice, let their voices be heard.  For those that need to be acknowledged for who they are, let them know appreciation and recognition for the important part they play in this journey. 

We are all part of the whole, and together we can do our part regardless of reproductive organs we were born with.  How can these physical organs measure our importance in life?  We each and collectively play a significant role in the overall journey of the human race.  Let our voices be heard and let all of humankind work together to create a better experience for all for every living creature. 

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