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Thursday, 14 December 2017


Do you appreciate who you are? 

Take a moment to reflect on the divine that radiates from within.  Do you accept your connection?  The one within is complete within itself needing nothing more or nothing less. 

All love radiates from within.  We are a reflection of that love.  Love connects all things.  Through love we experience harmony and compassion. 

Without love, could we exist? 

We are in unity with love, and we have come into being as an expression of love.

The first step in allowing love to grow as its growth is eternal.  Recognize the love that radiates from within you and to allow yourself to love you.  Mastering self-love can be difficult, because we can always finds flaws connected in our self.  If we can rise above ego’s constant chatter, as it is ego that creates this doubt, you move a step closer to realizing your goal.

Align with your true self and simply allow that magnificent force of love that exists within.  This love is not connected to ego.  Your alignment to love allows you to understand and control this endless pursuit of control by ego.  If you see flaws in yourself, do not identify with them as they are not part of your true essence. To believe they are is a manifestation by ego.  See those thoughts for what they are. 

To beat ego’s control is no different than beating any other an addition.  The thoughts that go through a smoker’s head when they are trying to quite are ridiculous in content when heard after the addiction has been overcome!  The ego’s voice is no different than the voice heard by those suffering from addiction.  We must learn not to identify with that chatter.

You are a perfect creation without true flaw, and love radiates through your pure essence.  We continually seek to learn and for the spirit to grow, but our essence is already a reflection of love.  See yourself for what you truly are.  Stop identifying with the ego.  Any misleading thoughts that belittle you or make you feel superior are ego generated.  Do not identify with these. 

Watch for making judgements based on the ego’s interpretation.  Love yourself as you are and watch love grow in your life.  Love is the greatest power of all and can never be lost. 

Eternal life; eternal love.  There are no bounds.

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