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Friday, 8 December 2017


Many squares are considered challenging aspects in the Natal (Birth) chart; however, the square from transiting Jupiter to the Sun is not considered a demanding life lesson at all.  Much, however, will depend on your self-control as Jupiter is extreme in it promotion with its energies and its influence can push you to the limit.  Beware of extending yourself too much.  Jupiter expands all that it touches and when connected to the Sun, it brings out your ambitious side. 

Jupiter is currently in the sign of Scorpio and will remain in this sign until November, 2018.  If you have your Sun in the sign of Leo or Aquarius, this square may be influencing you currently.  Much depends on the degree of your Sun as Jupiter will move from 11 degree to the final degree of Scorpio during this period mentioned. 

If your Sun happens to be in the second house, be disciplined with your finances as you will feel free to spend regardless of your financial state of affairs.  Jupiter brings optimism and potential growth during this period and the square provides you with the opportunity to work diligently towards building your financial foundation.  In this house, you may also feel more secure within yourself as you just feel up and ready for anything.  You may feel as though nothing can stand in your way, and this may not be realistic.  Make sure you weigh things out honestly before you plunge into action. 

If your Sun is in the tenth house, for example, this aspect will be reflected in your profession, and you may gain status or perhaps an increase in your pay if you have been pushing for this recently.  Opportunities or rewards for hard work often pay off during this aspect.  Things might come your way even if you have not put forth any great effort.  Jupiter just promotes your ambitions and pushes you forward in your life’s objectives.  If you feel as though you are happy with your current conditions, you may still be offered something of significance as a result of this aspect. 

In most cases, this square provides expansion (unless there are other factors linked to this position in the birth chart through transiting planets or progression planets forming challenging aspects).  You can expect something that promotes you as a result of Jupiter’s energies and this aspect puts you on track.  You may find that what you have been trying to achieve now presents itself fairly easily. 

Ensure you do not let this energy go to your head.  Any kind of arrogance or boisterous self-promotion may not sit well with others.  See this as it is.  This is an opportunity and special time for you.  You will need to be grateful for the potentials coming your way. 

Take advantage of these energies present in your life and recognize that this type of opportunity does not come knocking very often.

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