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Tuesday, 2 January 2018


There are steps along the way that lead to our awakening.  Although it has named the “Spiritual Awakening”, it certainly does not necessarily fall into the realm of traditional religious doctrine.  The spiritual awakening we refer to stems from within, the results of which are recognizable on the inside through self-transformation.  This transformation we speak of eventually leading to external manifestation.

This transformation often begins through the recognition of the differences from one person to the next.  We begin to realize that there are many imperfections in others and often we compare ourselves to these people.  In so doing, we recognize the imperfections within ourselves.  Once human habits are recognizable, we start to make changes to the way we relate to others, to the way we feel about the way we live and to the way we represent ourselves to those around us.  Most important, we recognize our feels towards our self.

Many of the habits we have made part of our life are not overly pleasing when recognized.  We challenge these things and make changes.  This can be a tedious process.  The greatest challenge can be admitting that these characteristics actually exist. 

We cannot change something that we do not accept or are unaware of.  As a result, the process is often time-consuming and can carry on indefinitely.  With each step along the way, however, we are consistently moving closer to our core selves (the one that has never been influenced by this earthly existence).  We accept that we are human but realize that we have come to own these habits and believe them to be a part of ourselves……we take them on as our own only to recognize (once we have taken the time to do a self examination) that they are not the person, just simply habits.  Now we can accept and move on. 

Remember the “self” is not someone you are trying to create.  This “self” already exists.  We just need to become re-acquainted with the true “self” once again.

Through these changes, we also recognize that the very faults and shortcomings we previously judged other people on (that started this whole process) now can be accepted for what they are without judgement.  We remind ourselves that everyone is doing the best they can in this particular moment.  Who are we to judge? 

We are all at different levels of evolution.  Each of us experience life in our own way and will learn lessons through different scenarios.  What I grow from could stagnate the next individual, and visa versa. 

As time passes, we begin to see ourselves in a different light and actually find the person we are moving towards is much more pleasant than the previous one we thought was self.  We begin to like ourselves which eventually leads to loving ourselves.  When we can love ourselves, we in turn begin to love others regardless of personality quirks.  In recognizing the transformation and knowing that the process has begun, we know that we are never stagnant in our journey.  Reassuring, isn’t it!

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