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Wednesday, 10 January 2018


The square from transiting Uranus to the Sun will be experiences currently for those with their Sun in Cancer and those with their Sun in Capricorn.  Currently Uranus is at 24 degrees Aries and will remain in Aries until May 16, 2018.  It will return to Aries on November 7, 2018 and then move back into Taurus on March 7, 2019.  Those with their Sun in the latter degrees of Capricorn and Cancer (17-29 degrees) will be influenced to a great extent by Uranus during this period.

Uranus seeks out change, often through disruptive tendencies.  It requires those influenced by its energies to reach out for something new and often to engage on a different path.  When linked to the Sun, there are often personal changes on the horizon.  This could include changes to goals in life, perhaps affecting the occupation especially for those with Capricorn as their Sun sign.  There could be changes to the home and family especially for those with their Sun in Cancer and these changes would most likely be on a very personal level.

These changes might include physical changes; perhaps those influences by these energies wish to present a different image to the world.  This would especially tie in if the Sun or Uranus is closely tied to the Ascendant or Venus.  The individuals may decide to make changes in relationships of significance, especially if this square is tightly conjoined in some way to the Descendant.  They could make changes to their health regime and orchestrate new practices with the way they look at themselves.  This could include eating habits and exercise programs, especially if the sixth house or Virgo is part of the equation. 

These individuals could make changes to the way they look after their personal finances, especially if the second house is tied into the equation, or changes to joint finances if the eighth house is part of the process. 

They may aspire to move towards occult teachings and mystical practices especially if the eighth or twelfth houses are involved. 

One thing is for sure with Uranus anyone with this aspect can expect the unexpected. 

Uranus will push for change with anything that has become outdated.  Uranus usually gently pushes at first and if the nudges are not acted upon, Uranus’ can force action that would be much more disruptive compared to acting on the original gentle nudges in the beginning.  These changes are a requirement and although something may be completely adapted or faded out completely, especially if Pluto is involved, these are changes that need to be attended to.  Do not ignore what Uranus is trying to initiate.  It can be quite disruptive and unexpected in its manner of expression if these individuals are unwilling to co-operate.

After the change takes place (this could last up to a year for it to be completely over and even longer if Pluto is involved) things will not be as they were.  The shift is often complete and irreversible but these individuals will settle into the new way of life and life will be all the better because of it.  Patience is certainly a lesson associated with what we are speaking of, as is adaptability.
Freedom is key with Uranus.  Those affected by these energies can find affects in many areas of life. 

Have a look at where transiting Uranus is in your natal chart, as well as your natal Sun.  Also check to see where Uranus is in your natal chart to get an idea of the areas of life that will be affected.

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