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Friday, 7 December 2018


New Moons represent new beginnings.  There is a push to forge a new path or push forward on a path we have already started.  Today, December 7, 2018 we experience the New Moon at exactly 2:21 a.m. EST.

With the New Moon is found in Sagittarius, this energy could push to new beginnings that are linked to exploration and adventure.  This could speak in terms of travel, often to faraway places.  Perhaps those with this New Moon making aspect in their birth chart are making plans on travel or perhaps as the holidays fast approaching, the plans for family and friend get-togethers are taking shape.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is at 15 degrees and as a result any planets that you have at 15 degrees in your natal chart will be energized by the New Moon.  Look particularly at planets that are in major aspect, the most powerful of these being the conjunction (0 degrees separation [at the same 15 degrees Sagittarius}).  Secondly look to the houses where the New Moon as well as the other planet or angle the Moon is making aspect to, as this will be the areas of life involved.

New Moon in Sagittarius often points towards a very wide spectrum and a desire to look at life from a positive prospective.  Being optimistic is what this New Moon suggests, in particular with spirituality, religion and in general with your own life’s philosophies.  Due to Jupiter being the ruling planet of Sagittarius, growth and opportunities can play a big part in the flavour of the story being told by the energies of the aspect(s).  Often times, this will involve family and the home environment as well as personal goals you might be setting for yourself.

Sagittarius is a happy-go-lucky sign, which brings with it a general feeling of good fortune and advancement.  Much depends, however, upon what you are planning on doing with the energy.  Once again look into the houses relevant at this time to get a clearer picture of what area of life is involved.  Sagittarius, although usually a fortunate sign, is also being squared by Mars as well as Neptune.

Squares usually indicate some tension.  Mars, in particular, has to do with aggressive urges to push ahead and can create some difficulties as it suggests that we may be aggressively pursuing our objectives which may be under potential tumultuous conditions.  Perhaps there is some type of opposition to your plans under this influence, and you will have to work your way through these difficulties.  Mars can be quite aggressive in its pursuit, so you will have to watch for opposition against you or alternately you pushing too aggressively.  As a result, some people may not like your relentless pursuit and may push back against your efforts. 

One good thing about the energies of a square aspect is that they tend to make us work through adversity.  When faced with challenging conditions we learn to work through them and overcome whatever may be in place that holds us back.  These are always valuable lessons.

The square to Neptune can make our goals illusive or our perception cloudy when it comes to pursuing these objectives.  Neptune tends to colour the imagination and puts a vail of uncertainty on things.  Neptune’s energies sometimes indicate that we are putting the situation or person on a pedestal and making things larger than what is actually there.  Once again, review your chart to see where Mars and Neptune are found as the house they are located in your specific chart will provide you with more information. 

You will find a way of working through the square energies and it is best to utilize the energies of Jupiter and the placement of Sagittarius to help unravel what stands before you. 

There is a lot of positive energy associated with this New Moon’s location in the sign of Sagittarius.  Make the energies work with you, and don’t allow yourself to become dismayed by any challenge that comes your way. 

Plant the seeds in your garden of life for the time is ripe for these seeds to germinate.

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