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Friday, 2 March 2018

Mini Forecast for Sun in Pisces


Transiting Saturn will be in the sign of Capricorn all of 2018 and will move from 7 degrees in February, 2018 and turn retrograde (appear to be moving backwards) in mid-April, 2018 at 9 degrees.  It will reverse back to 2 degrees and then go direct once again in early October, 2018. 

Saturn’s energy in retrograde works more favourably then when it is in direct motion.  Its energies are refocused, and rather than stifling and restricting, they are more favourable.  With dedicated work and discipline, you can get much accomplished while building a strong foundation under the retrograde influence.

The Sun in an astrology chart has to do with goals and aspirations and when in sextile to Saturn some of these goals may become quite attainable, particularly those that you have been working towards over the past year or so.  Saturn does not do well with quick decisions and new starts unless the aim is to correct, reformulate or generate something that will be fruitful for a long time to come.

The sextile always implies that opportunities are at hand especially if there are other factors in the chart that indicate similar energies.  If, for example, you have Jupiter or Venus in positive aspect to the Natal Sun, the chances for advancement are increased.  If Mercury is involved then this will be a time of planning and using your mental focus to form prime directives that can be very useful in the future.  If a plan needs to come together now and you have done the preliminary work, this may be a great time to forge ahead, although the steady approach works best.  Rushing in is never suggested and do not expect immediately results, although while Saturn is in retrograde its energies and steadfastness is pushed to the forefront and opportunities may come your way.

If this is work related in your chart (house location), this is a good time for recognition of hard work and diligent efforts.  Those in positions of authority might recognize the effort you have been applying in your job.  Some may find that recognition comes through financial rewards; others may find that they now seem to have more responsibilities but much depends on the overall condition of the natal chart.

Review the house your natal Pisces Sun is located in within the birth chart, as this will be the area of life that might be affected and also have a look at where transiting Saturn is in your natal chart to provide you with further indicators of how the energies may pan out and what other factors are involved.  The house that transiting Saturn is moving through may provide the momentum to propel you forward, while the house that the natal Sun is in will be the area of life that now has opportunities for advancement.  As mentioned, always have a close look at the natal condition of your Sun as any factors will have a part in how easily or how challenging the conditions will be while trying to move ahead under this influence.

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