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Thursday, 8 March 2018


When you look around in your immediate environment, ensure that during that scan you do not comparing yourself to others around you. 

Do not take what you have accomplished in life and belittle these successes by comparing them to other’s achievements. 

We live completely separate and different lives, make different choices, learn different lessons and develop different gifts.  We are on our own journey of self-discovery through each of these.  Our souls have chosen this life and all of the lessons it will teach.  It does not matter how anyone else is living their life or what they have chosen to bring to the forefront in order to attain their required life’s lessons.

If you feel it is necessary to compare, compare yourself to those who appear to be far less fortunate or whose lessons seem so much more difficult than your own.  At the very least, this focus will help you gain perspective of your own personal blessings.  How minute are your struggles when you make that comparison and how fortunate are you to be living the life you do?

Learn and develop enlightenment that will benefit YOU.  Your life reflects your focus and expectations.  What do you believe you deserve?  Are you filled with gratitude for your blessings?

If you do not like what you see, at the very least change your attitude.  Believe in yourself and love yourself for who you truly are. 
You are unique and should never be compared to anyone else. 

Set standards for yourself that promote healing and allow yourself to be happy.  You are one with source, what more could you want?

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