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Thursday, 15 March 2018


We are continually awakening to the mysteries that this magnificent journey reveals.  Life is a magical experience, and it is perfectly normal to be in awe as this mystery exposes its wonders.  Some feel the oncoming energies and others lie in wait of what is next, but either way, it is always a blessing to learn the lessons even the more tense ones.

The experience gained through what we define as adversity and through what we accept as serene both enlightenment us.  We can venture forth with little expectation or knowledge of what will unfold.  We live our lives in the moment hopefully aware and appreciative of its splendor and are filled with excitement. 

Does this sound a little over-reactive to you?  Not at all!

When we refocus our attention on the experience without judgement, we see the magic unfold.  These moments that we share with those we love and with those we sometimes find less than desirable to be with are valuable experiences. 

As we move ever closer to our own awakening, we know that nothing is by chance.  Coincidence is a word only for those who are indifferent and who have failed to see the value in an experience.   Nothing is by coincidence. 

We can recognizing our own uniqueness yet accept that we share our lives and our connection with the whole. 

Do not struggle to avoid your life’s lessons (perceived good or bad) – Without them what is our purpose? 

Explore your full potential. 

You are spirit in physical form.  Walk your journey open to all of its lessons.  This is YOURS to experience and share.

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