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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


As our lives play out, do we every reach a point where stimuli is no longer required for us to take the next step forward? 

Do we ever reach a point in life when we have truly learned all there is to know? 

I am sure each of our answers to these questions will differ somewhat.

For certain, our material based learning ends at the moment we pass from this life.  Perhaps when we finally reach that disincarnate destination, our continued education takes a new route.  We can no longer learn from life’s experiences, so our learning must be from a totally different perspective. 

Enough speculation!  Until that day arrives, no matter how full our reservoir of knowledge feels and our experience extends, we should never close ourselves to gaining further knowledge.

There truly never comes a point in life when we just stop learning.  The true lessons in life do not come from text books (yet we can feed our mind with this type of knowledge).  The most valuable lessons come from our experiences.  Many of our lessons may not be overly pleasing, as those individuals that are on the road to self-discovery understand quite well.  However, some of those tough lessons bring us to the most precious realizations and provide us with our greatest rewards. 
There are many steps along the road and each one opens a door that previously was closed to us.  These could be doors we never expected to open or even doors we never knew existed previously.  Our attitudes change as we learn and grow and often this change in attitude is the key that unlocks these doors. 

We learn much from open interaction with others and ourselves.   

We are the keepers of our own personal wisdom gained through our journey.  No one learns from our unique experiences and life’s interchanges like we do.  No one hears our internal dialogue and no one truly shares our experiences.  We are unique unto ourselves. 

We are energy capable of unimaginable feats only limited by our beliefs and attitude.  Our life’s quest has no limits.  The only limits are the ones we impose upon ourselves. 

Enjoy your ongoing evolutionary journey.  Stay open to all concepts.  Ingrained knowledge stems from a source far beyond the normal confines of understanding.  Intuitive understanding comes from a place beyond human thinking. 

Where does this knowing come from?  We will leave you to answer that question yourself. 

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