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Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Many of us connect our mind’s interpretation and its focus with who we are.  We identify with this focus and intently listen to the mind’s constant chatter. 

As a result of our focus on the mind’s chatter, we experience extremes in our emotions.  We can be swept along aimlessly and we fail to realize or question this habit.  Many of us are not aware of our ability to detach ourselves from the mind.  We can choose whether to listen to the thoughts and chatter however and we have a choice whether we own what is being said or not.  It is a choice, whether conscious or unconscious what we take on as our own and what act or react on. 

Some of us are learning the art of distinction and perception.  We are now guiding ourselves by channeling our thoughts in different directions.  Positive thinking, channeling our perception away from habitual responses, meditative techniques and mind’s focus are some practices and actions can utilize to help us separate from our mind’s auto response process.  There are countless self help and psychology books as well as numerous speakers that can assist us with our focus techniques if we are struggling with this.  Our main objective however is to recognize that we are the determining factor to our success or what we deems as failures.  Although others can help us facilitate expansion of awareness, we are the ones that have to do the “hands on”, “practical” work involved.

Similarly, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. can help us find our way by providing ideas and to help us understand the “why’s”, but we ultimately are responsible for our own understanding and changes in direction. 

We heal from within and ultimately the biggest factor of change is whether or not we decide to make change.  The little voice that is often referred to is our higher self or source is always a reliable guide.

It is imperative that we understand our place and responsibility in this life.  Are we convicted to our lessons of growth and freedom? 
We have the power to move in whatever direction we choose and to rise above any events in our journey.  Life is a miracle to be fully experienced including every twist and turn.  Experience this moment with gratitude.  Recognize our ability to rise to the top (whatever our definition of the “top” may be). 

Love life fully as life will always mirror what we put out.  What are we seeing in the reflection of our life’s mirror?

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