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Wednesday, 7 November 2018


 The New Moon in Scorpio today (November 7, 2018) is exact at 11:02 am EST.  A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon line up with one another at the exact same degree.  This is known as a conjunction in Astrology and speaks of an emphasis and a merging of energies. 

The New Moon represents new beginnings.  It is considered a perfect time, not only to make plans but if you have been waiting for the right moment and the rest of the chart agrees, to also forge ahead with your plans.  This is a time of action.  Plant seeds of purpose in your garden of life, ones that you are willing to nurture right through to harvest.

Scorpio’s energies speak of an ability to go beneath the surface of matters and find the truth of what sometimes lies hidden or has been ignored for some time.  Scorpio also has to do with intensity and is sometimes related to sexual matters.  With the Scorpio Moon at 15 degrees (which is the second decant of Scorpio, ruled by Pisces), this period will also bring the energies of the sign Pisces into the interpretation. 

Pisces is a gentle, passive and compassionate sign.  Mix the two energies of Scorpio and Pisces together and the potential for mystical or occult occurrences is quite possible.  This could be considered a psychic connection and whatever house the New Moon is found in within your natal chart will speak of the area of life that is being activated and which will be open to mystical interpretation. 

The energies are gentle yet prodding and because of the psychic connection, you may be able to read between the lines quite easily.  If this conjunction is found in the fifth house, for example, this would suggest romantic overtones.  It could be speaking directly about you or if your children are of age, it might be referring to one of them. 

As writing this post, transiting Neptune currently residing in Pisces near the same degree and this would make this relationship a mystical one.  It would be important to be careful not to view any such relationship with rose-coloured glasses on however.  It is suggested to have a trusted close friend or family member assist in deciphering what this individual might actually be like.  The influence of this moon and connected planets could easily push energies that would put this individual on a pedestal and the one with this in their chart would view the love connection as spiritual and almost as if it were meant to be.  Quite possibly they may be right but if their head is in the clouds because of this astrological influence, it would be wise to get someone else’s perspective who is not emotionally involved.

If this conjunction were in the tenth house or conjunct the Midheaven then this could be related to the profession and perhaps things or information would come to the surface after some period of relative confusion or unawareness.  This could include any goals or wishes and as mentioned, now would be a good time to pursue some of these ideas or objectives. 

A comprehensive delineation of the whole chart is required however to make sure we are getting the whole picture.  Enjoy these powerful energies and get moving on making plans.  This is the time to do so.
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