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Wednesday, 30 May 2018


On May, 23, 2018, our post covered the square between transiting Neptune for those with the Sun in Gemini.  Today we will touch on the quincunx between transiting Pluto and the natal Sun in Gemini.  

Transiting Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn and will be around the 20 degree mark for all of 2018.  Transiting Pluto forms a quincunx or inconjunct to those with their Sun in Pisces in or close to the 20 degree mark.  The closer to this degree, the stronger the energies of this aspect will be.

The quincunx aspect always speaks of the requirement of an adjustments, and linked with Pluto, this aspect suggests that it is time for a deep evaluation and for an innate unfolding to transpire during the next several months (for those with this aspect strong in their charts).  Pluto’s energy wants transformation through searching within and then bringing to the surface what is revealed and making the necessary changes to what this applies to.

The house placement of transiting Pluto, the house placement of your natal Sun as well as the placement of natal Pluto will help reveal the areas of life involved.  Transiting Pluto will automatically attempt to transform through regeneration and honest reflection as soon as it enters a house.  The strongest period is when it sits on the cusp or beginning of the house and this applies to everyone whether or not they have this aspect activated within their chart.  (For those with Pluto in quincunx to the natal Sun, the strongest impact will be when it is exactly 150 degree apart).  

Pluto will spend many years in an Astrology house due to its slow movement and will transform what needs to be changed as it moves through this area of life.  Its changes are often irreversible and very significant.  Once the change has taken place, what once was is no longer.  It can be destructive and extremely impacting and in most conditions is not subtle once it makes itself known.  It is best not to fight the energies at hand and make the necessary changes that are being suggested.  The more you fight the change, the harder this experience will be.  Change is inevitable. 

The Sun deals with life’s direction, personal identity and goals and objectives.  This will be the time when profound changes take place with these focuses.  You will be pointed in a direction and a path will be put in front of you.  You will need to make changes and alterations along the way so the path becomes clearer or more understandable.  These interactions can be quite profound and impacting and the directional change is put in place because a change needs to take place.  

Again, do not fight the process and see it as it is.  The square to Neptune, if applicable, may interfere with vision and clarity as discussed on May 23, 2018.

There are many paths that this energy can take to unfold. 

An astrology chart can give a clear understanding of what is at hand. 

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