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Wednesday, 2 May 2018


We continue our focus on Patterns in the Astrology chart from April 23, 25 and 30, 2018.


The Seesaw pattern divides the chart into two opposing positions.  There must be at least one opposition, but more oppositions is more definitive of this pattern.  

There should be no more than one house within each opposing group that a planet is not found within it, and the space between both opposing areas should be at least 60 degrees apart on both ends.  So the empty space should encompass at least 60 degrees of space on either side of the groupings.  The closer the area where the planets are found on both sides, the stronger the energies will play out.

As oppositions (180 degrees) often suggest, other people will be involved in the equation and relationships will play a big part in this person’s life.  In many ways, this pattern portrays qualities similar to the sign of Libra, as balance is often sought after by individuals with this pattern in their chart.  These individuals seek to understand the needs of the other person in the relationship and they aim to balance what their own personal needs might be while integrating what their partner’s needs are as well.  The art of co-operation and negotiation will often be a priority as these individuals sift through what their requirements are and integrate what their partner’s wants might be.  These people try to bring balance so that everyone is satisfied.  This accomplishment enables them to feel fulfilled.

For example, someone could have Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all linked together in one section of their chart.  These planets should not be tied by a large number of conjunctions as this could be termed as a Stellium.  On the other half of the chart, they would have Venus, the Moon, the Sun, Mercury and Mars.  They would have at least one opposition.  For example let’s say that Venus and Saturn is in opposition and perhaps this individual also have Uranus in opposition to the Sun.  This is a perfect example of a seesaw pattern.

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