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Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Part of the awakening process deals with acknowledging qualities within and then bringing them to the surface so you can utilize or deal with them in whatever manner is appropriate.  Some of these realizations can be difficult and even painful, but an honest reflection is what is required.  Don’t let ego stand in the way of clear insight and do not identify personally with what is revealed.  You will examine these qualities and then decide what you want to do with them.  Identifying with them makes them yours. 

The process is to acknowledge what is revealed then set whatever it may be free.  These do not belong to you unless of course you choose to hang on to them.  It is quite apparent that even though these revelations can be challenging and it may feel as though we are slowing down the process, at least you are taking the steps to keep your journey moving in the right direction.  Many individuals will hold on to their revelations because they feel familiar and believe that these qualities are who they are.  It can be difficult to release something that has been with you and formed a part of who you think you are even if its ownership is counterproductive.

Hanging on to negative self-impressions only amplifies these qualities and give them life.  You always have a choice as to what you might want to do with them and it is often better to let them go than hang on to them if ego is involved. 

Ego feels threatened when it begins to lose control.  It is losing character traits that it identifies with and worries that it will be forgotten or even squashed as time passes.  As a result, it tried to hold on and its efforts can become quite intense.  Recognize ego for what it is and the challenges it can create.

Self-evaluation can be tricky if you don’t recognize ego’s intervention and you hold on to what used to be. 

Remember not to look outside for happiness or connection to your true, higher self.  These can only be found within and are available to everyone.

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